Nvidia IL2FB users rejoice FIX INSIDE !!

A two step process, we can fix the missing panels and other issues in perfect mode in the current game version on the latest drivers :slight_smile:
First step, not my find, but I had tried similar things in the past with no luck, this time it works …

  1. Back up your il2_core.dll and il2_corep4.dll somewere safe for arse covering :wink:
    Extract this ZIP FILE into your main IL2 directory.
    This fixes the missing panels in perfect problem.

  2. If you have SLi, and get flashing white water in perfect mode, or suffer from stutters offline, try this.
    Delete the Nvidia default profile(s) for IL2, and remake you own, if using SLi select spit frame rendering (SFR) as the SLi mode.
    This cured the flashing white water and stutter for me, your mileage may vary :stuck_out_tongue:

Do this at your own risk, if your system melts I ain’t responsible :banana:

Thanks Majik - step 1 seems OK (I’ve only tried Black Death so far)
Step 2 - well no SLI here :frowning:

ps, I tried TSOverlay with it - that is a no-go, but then TSO doesn’t like GL mode in PF anyway.