North Africa and Malta for the next TF patch?

I keep reading rumors that we’ll be getting North Africa in the next TF patch…what a game changer if that happens. I have seen rough Malta maps a while ago and plenty of new shipping so maybe. We have the right planes with the addition of the P40, Macchi CR42, Hurri 2C etc needed but they have said they are planning to build more aeroplanes.Plus it would be another airwar and convoy attacks.

Along with a Dynamic Campaign Generator, which I noticed was in use last night, this would be giving BoS a right run for its money as I know where I’d rather be flying in a campaign.

Finger crossed.

Fingers crossed indeed. I hope you are right about this Swoop as it would inject new life into the sim. P40! Wow, that would be very nice. Six 50 cals! Imagine the damage!:banana:

A proper BOOM and zoom :slight_smile:

12 gun Hurri…Cannons…hmm :slight_smile:

macchi macchi macchi MACCHI

Is this a “proper” map or the re textured Isle of Wight that was released a little while ago?

My expectation is also the Med (a new map I guess, for the quality they bring a placeholder like the Isle of Wright wouldn’t be enough imho) with the already non-flyable planes Gladiator and Falco. Also I saw pics of U-boats with Mediteranian paintschemes so… That seems to me the easiest way. However a Kittyhawk from the scratch sounds pretty challenging to me who knows. Besides that I heard they are working on a flyable Wellington too :slight_smile:

All that said, this is a volunteer dev team without access to the source code or original specs working by reverse engineering at best. Anyone with experience in s/w engineering will know how difficult that is.

I believe they could do a new map without re-texturing the Isle of Wight, but new aircraft with new pits and FM’s in short timescales would be a tall order. Happy to be proved wrong etc, but looking on what’s coming forth from paid dev teams, you’d be mad to back them landing first.

All this will do is keep us with a fragmented flight sim community and further away from the nirvana of a united flight sim we had 5-6 years ago, which is a shame.

Whatever lands first, pardon the pun, will have bragging rights, but the potential of limited plane sets and possible ground object issues won’t satisfy the ever growing gap in the flight sim market.

At least with TF’s success, more people are flying CoD and BoS seems to have quite a following (1500+ founders I heard), some who are CoD pilots. It was very quiet on ATAG last Tuesday when the BoS F4 turned up.

Flight games do seem to be more popular, but sadly I can’t see number improving for quite a few years yet, what we need is a modern approachable flight sim, like IL2 was, a hyperlobby equivalent so people can gather and decent online wars (banning consoles too, PC Rulz :)) BoS might be the former but it’s almost like going back to the start of Il2’s development and that was over 10 years ago. Bos will need more theaters and planes to attract people which might happen in the distant future, plus a decent online war system. VR (ORift) might bring some more to Bos.

For now a few niche flight sims, the best by unpaid enthusiasts and maybe a 100 online pilots at a time is the best we can hope for. Saying that, I’m enjoying flying with different EAF pilots in Cod & IL2 and a few more are joining in CoD. We had seven the other week (Monday) and if the Rof and SEOW weren’t flying we’d have a few more (Sadly 3 of us just missed 92’s Thursday bash due to SEOW commitments), but I guess how many do you need to have a good sess.