Norden Bombsight Training Video - Remake

I made a training movie a long time ago that I was never happy with.

Well, after some B25 training sessions in 602, and also finding a better method for using the Norden Bombsight properly, I decided to remake the video.

Here it is:

[b]Norden Bombsight Training[/b] (hosted at filefront)

[b]Mirrored at M4T[/b]

You sir are a gent.
Many thanks:D Downloading now


Joe… An excellent video. Even I understood it!:smiley:

Just fryed it out…and it works fine.:smiley:
All i have probs with is my rudder trim not working with level stab:confused:

That was exellent Joe! That really took the Fog out of using the Norden. You have great movie making talent, keep it up! :slight_smile:

Here is the actual mission I used if you want to try.

Dan, are you sure you engaged Level Stabiliser? Make sure you haven’t also engaged Autopilot or Level Autopilot. That’s two other similar controls that do different things that you don’t want.

Good that you and Trooper liked it, but then again, there were BIG bombs and BIG explosions :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice one Joe :slight_smile:

but you need a little correction…beyond the sea is not Frank Sinatra is Bobby Darin singing that tune :wink:

Happy days, Thanks Joe… At last safety in a bomber :slight_smile:

Thanks Mas, I didn’t realise that! That will teach me to trust un-reputable sources :rolleyes:

This one is definitely Frank:

602 Carpet Bombing with the Norden (and showing off our latest B25 skins from Painter)

A fun training exercise!

as you said last night joe , if that area was packed with soft targets , there wouldn’t be a lot left :smiley: and don’t those skins look sweet :slight_smile:

Would of loved to have joined you for that, looked a hell of a lot of fun:D

Nice job Joe…I think… :slight_smile: (Since all I got when trying to download it was.)

“Your download has failed. You have an invalid session set. Click here to try your download again.”

Anyone know why it don’t works?

Impeccable job as usual, Joe! :smiley:

I’m only afraid though, that this somehow distracted you from completing those 2 long-awaited Masterpieces of yours (the EAF Presentation, and the New Guinea Movie)…:wink:

You’ve got quite a crowd of fans, around here, you know…:banana:

Just saw it, nice work mate!!

Alan - Painter has given your skin great looking noseart, quite unique, and fits you perfectly :stuck_out_tongue: What is most astounding is that LO-A actually used THIS ARTWORK (typical of the real 602 humour…things don’t change much)

Snake - there are no problems with the download anywhere else. Try rebooting your PC. Then if still no joy try the M4T mirror HERE But I’m really impressed that you like it without even seeing it!!! :smiley:

MonsTTer - damn…and I hoped nobody was remebering all those promises I made! Sorry, I’ve just been in the movie doldrums for a few months, but no fear, ‘Milne Bay’ is 90% finished. The EAF Promo is next, and because of my delays you will get an extra treat - there is a new kid on the block who has learned how to do some real nice CGI for the promo movie. Watch this space :wink:

Paff - cheers, and how is your movie making coming on?

Anyone is welcome to join us for training this Thursday, it’ll be a few bomb runs followed by a proper mission with a proper target. All before SE:BoB kicks off.

This’ll be the final bombing training for a while, as we’re pretty hot on it on the Norden anyway.


I can’t get it either Joe? Page just sits trying to load for eternity?

If you mail it to me i’ll host it

Lost everything to an harddisk-crash. Now I don’t have the time and will to start again.

Weird, but interesting. This is the first time I’ve tried using filefront for hosting and I am interested in such feedback.

Anyway, the video is now mirrored at M4T - try that instead.

Ta for the offer of bandwidth, btw. I never knew you had a big pipe? (ooeer matron)

Dan, it would be cool to have you lads in as well for a mass formation! You could also give Richy a few tips how to fly straight (he’s only a fighter ace, as we all know).

joe , when i first saw lo_a with the nose art in the book lions rampant i knew i had to have it , one night when i was a trainee painter said to me you cannot have lo A cos of the curse i think :slight_smile: but it was just too quirky to pass up :slight_smile: and so when i got my wings i jumped into LO A and it’s only getting better all the time :smiley: it must have taken painter ages to do so a great big thankyou again to painter :w00t: