I think next week we will have the beta finally…I mean…hope so:p

:D:D:D go! CoD go!

The patch will be the same graphics engine as BOM, so it will be DX11, theres no way that Luthier would spend all this time on the patch for it to be in DX10. Like Luthier said just after release DX11 was thier first and major priority, this is why its taken so long.

Rumors on 1C and Sukhoi forum…if its true, COD will be another world, I have BF3 max settings in DX11 and is a movie…cant imagine on a flightsim…lets see:rolleyes:…actually I cant complain also with this graphic…personally:o

I am looking forward to the new VGA engine.
I looked at the tank battle and got quite at thrill out of it. It seems more fluent than the flying part :rolleyes: