New Training about Formation Aerobatics

It’s been a while since no one posted a new Thread in this section.

Times are changing! As all 51 guys know, i’ve always been in love with tight formations and aerobatics.

With Luft and the new trainee, GeeBeeR2, we are thinking about making many little training flights right before or after the normal mission time.

Many times you could find as at 8.00 CET or when missions ends up. Sometimes you could find us also tuesday evening! Generally i host the maps!

All of you EAF pilots are welcome in this (we hope) new life for the EAF AT, and Luft is as well preparing a special skin for the EAF, stay tuned guys!

See you on virtual Skies!!

Very good initiative Cappe! Salute!

I’m waiting for oyu also Apollo!! I’ll be online this evening, i think that at least walty and geebee should be with me, i don’t remember if even Luft is coming.

Anyway, everyone is absolutely welcome for a session or two!! The plane used will be the P51 D5 NA. All the flight will go throug loopings, barrel rolls, formation changing during the manouvers.

It will be worth it! :cool: :cool:

I remember our P38 formation. It was nice!

we should repeat that one one day! :slight_smile:

I do not know if you still have these training sessions, but if you do I would like to join in.

I most definitely need a lot of practice to become effective mission pilot once more, but regardless I have always enjoyed our organised practice of all types in the past and believe it is a very nice ‘team building’ activity that gets most EAF pilots together at least once or twice a week. Such things only makes community better.

Hope this is still on, or that it will be if it’s not…

We practised a bit also yesterday! Lets say, we have not been doing acro for a while, but there’s always time to start again…i think it would be better for us to try a day in which we don’t have missions like thursday.

Monday evening could be a good eve.

Or a weekend during the day when I’m available, hehe :slight_smile:

something like saturday afternoon if i can? but i no more able (actually) to host missions, i changed my router, i though i opened the 21000 port but still i’m not able…:frowning: i have to check it!

This evening i’m gonne be online, anyone is welcome! Just a bit of formation training, nothing too much serious…just fun, the week end is starting :wink: