New Op. Officier at 51° Stormo

I am pleased to inform all of you that Seyou has been appointed as Operation Officier within 51° Stormo (Wing). :slight_smile:

He earned this position “on the field”, supporting EAF51 in joining and coordination in all the online tournement we are involved during the past months.
He will take the place of Jimmy in this position (Jimmy is now Sq/L for 155° Gruppo) :p, So I whish Seyou the best success for the new challenge.

I understood not all EAF members have clear ideas about what an “Operation Officier” is, I post again herewith following Mikke’s statement about this issue :wink:

During the past months the EAF have been participating to several online wars.
Some of the EAF members devoted time and energies in order to support this participation, and in order to allow to the EAF to climb in the different wars ladder. Moreover they supported the other EAF members, in order to allow we all enjoy flying together the wars also, as it was for the EAF since the beginning.

Therefore the EAF headquarters decided to set up a new function, named OPERATIONS OFFICER

This function is not a different rank. In fact the Operations Officer, as in real life during the WW2, keeps the rank he has within his own unit.
As a staff function, he reports to the wing Commander, but at the same time they work for all EAF squadrons (similar to how T/O’s function works).

The EAF Operations Officers duties are:

  • Supporting EAF pilots participating to the different wars the EAF decide to join.
  • Make sure they are “accepted” within the EAF Squadron in the war they join. If necessary they notify the people who appear as EAF CO within the war to do that.
  • Collect and provide strategies useful for the Wings and the Squadrons participating to wars.
  • Coordinating the war operations of their own wing, and in some cases for all of EAF.
  • Coordinating the EAF war operations together with the other EAF Operation Officers.
  • Posting strategies and comments in the EAF War Room.
  • Monitoring the war forums they participate (i.e. IOW, CAD, CW, etc.) reporting to the EAF all important news and facts.
  • Acting as the EAF liaison officer with the other friendly and enemy squadrons participating to the same war. In case something wrong would happen, they should act as moderators, and if necessary report to their W/C or G.C.

The assignment of an EAF member to the Operation Officer Staff will be to recognize his strategic attitudes and capabilities.

As within the EAF we have 3 wings, we can have 3 Operation Officers.
They will also have moderator rights in the War Room.

Stop talking now. Lets go back at dispersal, and be ready for scramble: there is a war outside here!
Gentlemen Officiers: dismissed!

Grats Seyou S!

Good work Mate!

:ani_head: Yes…well deserved…:wink:

complimentoni, Raffaele!!!:w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :holiday: :wave: :holiday:

Congrats Seyou big drinks tonight!



Congrats Seyou!! :banana:

THX all… Im so happy about it:w00t: :w00t:
…okye dokye the bar is open:ani_beer: …the girls are free( im making a lot of money with this new Op job:D…so ill pay for evrybody )

…mmm Bear …Im still waiting an answer about my new “Op montlhy wire transfer”…it will come hu?:confused:

S! all

Congratulations Seyou, well done :slight_smile:

Congratulations Seyou :slight_smile:

Congratulations Seyou, well done :slight_smile: :w00t:

S! Seyou. :slight_smile:

S! Seyou.

well done :slight_smile:

S! Seyou, well done.

Shaking hands and slapping shoulders !! Congrats Seyou!!:w00t:

Nice one Seyou! Congrats!

Look forward to flying with you at some point!

Congratulations :slight_smile:

Congrats Seyou, well deserved… I will always remember the mission we flew together you rescued me and you had done everything right a pilot can do…and then we had this little fuel problem:) It was like a tale you can tell your granddaughters and grandsons:)