New ATi cards out today ... not good.

The new Ati range is out finaly, but the news isn’t good :frowning:

In summary it only competes with an 640mb 8800 GTS (price and performance) but runs hotter, runs noisier and draws a little more power than an 8800 GTX.
I don’t know what they have been smoking over in canada, but they dropped the ball big time on this.
With higher resolutions, and AA/AF used the gap just gets bigger.

I was waiting for the NDA to lift for the reviews, but by the tail end of last week I had sifted through the BS to come to a conclusion, thats has only been backed up by today’s reports.
I bought myself an 8800GTX again, at least the new ATi cards spurred the Nvidia driver team into getting it together, the newest drivers are proving a lot better thankfully.

After 6 months the nvidia GTX is still performance king, and now it finally has the drivers it deserves.
A big shame TBH, competition is good for the consumer, right now nvidia are laughing all the way to the bank.

Review links so you can read the full SP:…=1336&Itemid=91
French translated review
http://www.*****.net/content/item.php?item=8687 rived/…&item=715&num=1…,2128867,00.asp
Translated French with DX10 segment…_xt/index13.php

Edited with more links + price now seems to be anywere from £270 to £305 in UK stores, compared to the 8800GTS which is as fast, runs cooler and quieter and can be had for £215, or the GTX which is faster quieter and cooler and can be had for £350.

After going through some of those links it seems that the 2900 falls somewhere between the GTS and the GTX in performance, although higher resolutions do look a little iffy. Some of the good points are that ATi seem to have managed to retain their high IQ with these new cards and increased the quality of AA. If the price is right (ie £200-£250) it might make it desirable, however my real concerns are the power consumption and heat that these cards seem to be emitting. If the price is wrong (£300) then the NVidia solution looks to be the way forward.

Thats just it, if you hunt around you can get a 640mb GTS for around £215, the XT seem to be priced £270-300 ATM, and in 1920 with AA/AF they are swings and roundabouts with a GTS not anywere near a GTX in all bar one game.
They also run hotter and noisier.
I know I would get the GTS, and for someone who prefers ATi generally, thats not said lightly :frowning:

With watercooling and overclocking the XT cards do shine, so perhaps a project for Brigs in future :wink:

Thanks Majik - disappointed isn’t the word…

Yes it is :frowning:


Well that certainly makes me feel a whole lot better about not waiting :slight_smile: