Salute! all :slight_smile:

Just thought I’d drop by and say Hi and thank you for giving me the opportunity to become a part of the EAF, hopefully I won’t annoy you too much…

I’ve been thinking of making a move from what’s left of my old Squadron for a while now and finally took the plunge, I posted on SimHQ’s IL2 forum that I was looking, Brigstock and Ming kindly offered up EAF (well ok, Ming said something about 30 quid a week too, the screenshots are in a safe place ;))

Anyway, see you all in the skies sometime soon :slight_smile:



Hi mate… welcome to EAF, and maybe to 19 sqn… Have you decided where you would like to go yet?

Hey Dano!
Welcome aboard mate, you know you’ve done the right thing :slight_smile:
Once you’ve got the training stuff out the way, that’s gotta be a minor formality, take your time to choose a squad. No pressure of course. There are 3 British based Squadrons 19, 92 and 602.
602 Represent the less desirable element of the Isles that are British, but we are a commonwealth and we have to make concessions. 19, where do you start with that lot? less said the better I think and then last but not least 92 Squadron, a well balanced bunch of lads. Also I think QJ D is available, how lucky is that!
As I said take your time, give yourself a chance to settle in and then get yourself over to 92 :smiley:

Hello! And don’t forget to fill out the recruit form: http://www.europeanaf.org/recruiting/recruit.html :cool:

Trooper, nice picture, but I hope it isn’t your sig, bit big for that. :wink:

Welcome Dano to the busy life that is EAF:D . If your looking for a squad that gets the job done with minimul loses then 19 is your squad. Many a time i have left on a monday or thursday with my sides hurting from laughter,no undercarrage from a EAF landing (I hope your practising;) ) and if i’m lucky a couple of kills, but you have got to be quick because we have some excellent fighter pilots in 19 and some evan better ground pounders:p
19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19

Welcome to EAF,

When someone nervously opens the door and makes for the bar where 602 come from, it usually cos we’ve all stopped drinking and are starin’ at ye!:eek: :eek: :eek:

We’re happy to have you at 602 if you like, we are the best squadron in EAF and we have the highest number. Way higher than 19 or 92:confused: erm and um we can fly planes too.

Here’s what some of our members say about 602:

“What, oh sh*t i thought they were an english squadron, I will paint my tail pink in protest!” - EAF602_Painter

“mumble mumble… can you hear me now?” -EAF602_Whizz

We want you in 602, the rest of the squadrons don’t want you (they are lying).
We don’t need those flashy big letters like 602!
Look out your window… see those two men with the shaven heads and the crowbars THEY want you to join 602!

no pressure…


Welcome Dano!

Fairly new here myself but it seems you’ve made a good choice with the EAF - however 602 is definitely the Squadron to be in…

After all, you want to be in the Second Highest Scoring Squadron in the Battle of Britain once Storm of War comes out and we get issued our Spit Mk1s don’t you??


Recruit form filled and submitted boss :slight_smile:

<eeny meeny miny mo… eeney meeny miny mo…>

I think I’d like to have a few flights before I make any desicions if thats ok? Unless of course I’m particularly needed somewhere (prefferably someplace with bacon butties) in which case I’d more than happy to accept a posting :slight_smile:

Looking forward to flying with you all :slight_smile:


S! Dano welcome to the EAF mate

Oi you lot I’ve already told him that we’re EAF pilots first and then the dregs of humanity after that :slight_smile:

lol Brigstock!

I know that you’re going to enjoy flying with all from the Big Wing squadrons and sister 602 Dano but just like in the real show we all muck in together happily to fight the common enemy. Fat Boy Goering and his evil minions among whom I count Victor von Meako and a few other suspicious types :slight_smile:

Looking at Thor’s Kurland skins I can see why they like the German planes!


Welcome at the EAF, Dano! :cool:

Book in Dano, learner 1.


Enjoy your training Dano, and looking forward to flying with you, whatever squadron you fly with!

Where are you from, by the way?

God ! not another schoolboy with 10 hours on Spits !

More damn letters to parents mutter mutter mutter

Welcome !

You never know I might actually get back in the air and show you that
the higher up you go the more incompetant you become !

gnash gnash ! (rocks in chair)

Welcome Dano :slight_smile:

Don’t worry about having to choose a Squadron right now mate, at the end of your training the T/O will offer you the choice.

I’ll be on about 7:30ish tonight if you need any help on getting started plus I’m also a EAF T/O.

Welcome to EAF Dano, You have plenty of time to decide which squadron you will eventually join, but the beauty of EAF is that no matter what individual squadron you fly in we all get on well and you will often find us flying as mixed squadrons in online wars.

Welcome to our humble home Dano.

I will not get drawn into any kind of debate as to which UK squadron is best to join as clearly they is no need for a debate on such an issue :wink:

I look forward to flying with you mate.

F/O Classic, T/O

Welcome Dano :slight_smile:

I don’t think it matter which of our Wing you fly with, except to point out that 602 are insane and 92 have to be excused [flying] boots.

Is your simhq sig the one about your grandfather, the Lancaster flight engineer? Always brings a smile to my face, that one :slight_smile:

No Mikke, thats not my sig… This is!

However… I do like to put the odd decent pic, or flavour of the month up when I get the urge…

Lol, 10 hours? I best get some stick time in :wink:

I’ll do my best to be online tonight for my initiation, I will be drinking :smiley:

I’m from Petersfield down in 'ampshire, Combine 'arvesters an all.

Lancaster sig, yup thats me, nearly had me spraying tea all over his tablecloth when he told me that one, he even has a pc for flightsims, MSFS2002 mainly, although I did set up the original IL2 on it for him, ‘Just tell me how to fire the guns’ was all he wanted to know :slight_smile:


Sounds like a good chap :smiley:

Hope to catch you online in the near future :slight_smile:

PS, Phil was that ‘incompetant’ or ‘incontinent’? :wink: