@ Nepe

I hope you are seriously considering to join us in Italy for EAF51 Ten Years celebration (we will talk on PM about details). In any case…

I have a business meeting in Madrid from 4th to 8th of October.
My idea is going there the week-end before (Oct. 2-3) as I have some interesting place top visit on Sunday ;):

Any chance for you to come to Madrid on that date? :slight_smile:

Hola Bear

El viaje a Italia está difícil, como lo está la situación laboral por aquí…

If you go to Madrid for sure I will try to spend the weekend there, I will keep you updated.

And…please, dont let go of this opportunity, on Sunday 3 go see this:

http://www.fio.es/ -> Exhibiciones

Don’t miss it!!

and I hope I can go with you too :slight_smile:

I understand I have to book an early flight on saturday morning…

Live show is on Sunday. Its near the Museo del Aire, but you will have no time to see both on Sunday morning…so yes, book early on Saturday so you can enjoy Museo del Aire, minimum 2 hours time recommended.