Mud movers/Bus drivers :)

Does EAF have a dedicated mud mover squad or is it just whoever wants to drive a bus during a particular mission etc. Mags

In short, no we do not have a dedicated mud movers squadron, but each squad does have a number of its own dedicated mud movers, for example in 19Sqn we have Dan, PG, Zulu and myself who are pretty handy with a bomber/grd attack type feel free to fly a bomber anytime, although if you try and wingman for me you will have to crow bar Dan out that seat :slight_smile:

132° Gruppo in 51° Stormo is actually a specialized Bomber Squadron.

That’s where I proudly got trained and come from! :smiley:

602 also has a number of specialized Pilots, of course ;)…as well as other Squadrons.

I know Arturo is specialized he learned me some things since I was training myself to fly a bomber, im not doing very bad but I am not a pro.

I’ve thought a few times about a “Bomber Command” Squadron, for all us who love to drive busses packed with explosives. But i like 602 too much to join it!:smiley:

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to have it as an official specialisation such as T/O wings; you could have similar for capable bomber pilots…?

What does anyone think/care?

Our formation flying skills are legendary:D …5 feet off the ground with 2 feet between us:D

So you don’t like getting low and close then??

Though you lot were scared of heights,I must be wrong on that one? :rolleyes:

Every time the Skipper got me in a fighter and took me above 100 feet my nose started bleeding:roflmao:, plus the clean shaven, scarf around the neck look doesnt look right on me:p

Our formation flying skills are legendary

I must correct you there Dan, your formation flying skills are excellent, I merely point us in the right direction whilst you slipstream along next to me :smiley: very comforting and reassuring though having the extra eyes and twice the number of guns around. I am sure you have some sort of borg tractor beam device :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the idea of the bomber pilots wings but I do not think we should have a dedicated squadron as each squadron needs a balanced skill set to fight any campaign they take part in. For example, any SE or Bellum based war that we fight generally a squadron will fly together so in that squadron we need the majority of pilots to be fighter pilots to provide the escort and a couple of specialised pilots who will do the grd. attack. I am sure each and every squadron has its bomber pilots I know many are very capable grd attack jockeys.


Hey Magpie if you ever want to do some mud moving you can jump on my wing as i don’t think you will get Dan of off Classics wing mate :roflmao:

Don’t know how you like it low and fast or dive-bombing or just some good old ground pounding anyway is fine with me.

Is it just me or does anyone else find that amusing:roflmao:

see the two tracks in ACM in 2 or 3 flight we havewin the map on server :smiley:

Indeed :smiley:

pointless text for the bean counters

As per my other post, with this upcoming SE campaign the may be a valid case for a core of regular bomber pilots to form up to practice operating together with what ever operational profile will be be seen as needed by the SE Commander.

Normally we fly wars as squadrons with extra pilots bolted on, this is a full EAF affair and it seems sensible that the bomber pilots learn to work together and practice the skills they will need when we go live.

Obviously this is an open thread and operational security demands must be taken into account so we can’t go into any real detail in this thread.

I am always interested in having some dedicated bomb training or a team of bomber pilots together, because I feel Bussing is my favourite thing to do, always.:slight_smile:

That means in other words, if this will be put up, I will attend.:slight_smile:

PeeGee used to train us in bombers but we’ve got lazy and he is missed :frowning:

Indeed2 btw Dan, sounds like a sig already :slight_smile:


No problem at all Zulu sounds like a plan, btw low and slow is best for me, think of my age young man :smiley:

Thank you for not mentioning the outside world

(sign outside an old folks home in the Simpsons)


If you can catch bird nests in your teeth you will fit right in bud:D