Monitor Advice.

Morning All.
Just received a work “bonus”…unfortunately not in cash but in the form of vouchers (Argos off all things…could have been worse I suppose…could have been Woolies vouchers).
I fancy using them on a new monitor and keep eyeing up this…|category_root|Office%2C+PCs+and+phones|12108629/c_2/2|cat_12108629|Computers+and+laptops|12108658/c_3/3|cat_12108658|PC+monitors|12108665.htm

Thing is I dont understand too much about the technical details but common reviews suggest that the picture quality is fantastic but the stand it is on comes in for a lot of criticism for build quality/monitor movement.

Anyone have experience with this monitor?..or any of the others listed on the page?

Any advice appreciated.


Cookie ~S~

Acer X223W 22in Widescreen TFT

better contrast, much bigger screen size, same price , response time is 5ms which is plenty for most games, only option for me at that price range.

Or iff you can go up a bit then this one Viewsonic VX2262 22in Widescreen

def go for a widescreen

Did your bonus fall off an argos lorry you where fixing ? :smiley:

I have to agree, if you can get a 22", I’d get that over a 19".
Samsung are good Panels, put a little extra towards a 22" and treat yourself.

I got myself a 24" Dell a few years ago and it’s still going strong.
Cost a small fortune when I got it, I tried to sneak it in under the radar, unfortunately the minister of entertainment caught me, I won’t bore you with the details, but she weren’t happy :rolleyes:

Ive brought a LG 22’ last year and im very satisfied. It has high contrast and fast reaction time.
LG Flatron L227WT

It was 240€ for me back then.

Key Features (from theirs site)
• High Brightness: 300 cd/m2
• Wide Viewing Angle: 170° / 170°
• Resolution: 1680x1050 ( WSXGA+)
• Ultra High Contrast Ratio: 10000:1 (DFC)
• Lightening Fast Response Time: 2MS (GTG)

Edit: Oh sorry, didnt see its not available at Argos :wink:

We have the same monitor Paf. Good choice :slight_smile: