Mikke landing with crash as co-pilot :)

Here comes another one of Mikkes fast landings!

Thank God I was in charge of the throttle-controls… who knows how long it otherwise would have taken us to come down, heh :slight_smile:


( Just for the Reccord.)

I got this Idea 2 mounths ago.
I told one other EAF pilot about this Idea.
Funny, It TOTALLY “slipped” my mind who it was. :slight_smile:
(Asked him to help me with a server link to put it up on.)
Then…Lazy and with “Altzimers Light” I forgot about it.

Told “crash” about it earlier today and efficient as he is
He fixed it faster then “Hell Freeses Over”

So if You gets “pissed”… “Kill” Me, (not the “messanger”) :slight_smile:

Thou I think he’s right about the one, controlling the throttle :slight_smile:

As they say in Texas, (if it’s true, it aint bragging.)

(…As the “bragger” said.)




My god, lol!:roflmao:

Mikke…don’t be so impatient on the landing approach…:wink:




Whats the fuzz? Looks like a regular EAF landing to me :smiley:

Thats not a landing! That’s Mikke trying to taxi back to the 331 dispersal after a visit to the 92 Sqn bar!

Lightweight. :smiley:


Whats wrong with that then??

Think I’d go in a boat with wings? Nah…

Think it was a failed take-off more then a landing.

I think is an Il2 racing :roflmao:

My thought about this was that the throttle hanged up for some reason…

LMAO at the nutters just stood watching, not legging it out of the way :eek:

Like if it was a normal sight to see planes almost crash!:eek::roflmao:

lol, that place where these people live must have a really bad plane-maintenance budget…that’s why they aren’t surprised by a crash…because its normal for them!:roflmao: