make tree foliage (diorama)

Tree foliage for diorama can be made by lichens moss and sponge,This is my method that I’ve find do foliage by myself because I can’t find a dealers near my home for this article , and order by internet became expensive for few pieces.

what you need:

old blender
sponge possibly green
acrylic colour (I’ve used green apple)
little tank

  1. put your sponge into blender and begin to cut
    the result will be more fine and more bigger continue since when you have a good size for your tree
    2)put your colour into little tank with water
    3)add milkshakesponge at tank and with one brush push on it

after all the resulst will be like this

now put your foliage to dry

and after you can pout on tree

from left to right sponge by me , sponge bought, mix of sponge

Belli! very good work Wild…

Bello Alberi :slight_smile:

WIP forest with same materials camera flash do many light and wast a little colours

work near to end

Wild riders :rolleyes: