lucky mascot

:eek: Furballs in yer fans!

I notice that the cat has had his claws on your headset’s lining, Alan…:smiley:

I think he likes being your fan a lot, he is then allowed to sit on such a warm and nice metal box, which also vibrates!

You better have to clean your cabinet a few more times…:smiley:

Nice cat what a poser

Just keep an eye on your TIR cables Alan my TIR4 cable got chewed up, fenced-off now but too late :slight_smile:


Hmmm. All that potential static… probably give your cat a shocking experience and short your PC. Its the Pc Im worried about! :wink:

p.s… I just realised i`ve got my TIR4 positioned wrong on my moniter. No wonder it would never sit up straight!

The cat’s not earthed? How very daring :slight_smile:


I think that he would play at il2 look the headphone :wink:

nice beast!

“Captain Peacock? Can you get Mrs Slocombes pussy out of my cockpit?” :smiley:


The cat waited patiently, knowing that the best time to jump on Alan’s head was when he was taking off from a carrier…

Funny, mine ate through my headset cable and has a habit of chewing on my in line volume control.:rolleyes: