Looking for Italian Accounts from the Eastern Front


A friend of mine is doing some research.

He is trying to find some first hand accounts from Italians fighting on the Eastern Front. I said I knew the very people to ask :smiley:

Does anybody have any good information or knows a good place to look?


Hi Joe. I have a really long list of books, but all of them are in Italian language.
If they are OK for your friend, I can send you the list, including a short summary of each book. - Let me know.

Many thanks Bear, but I’m afraid he doesn’t speak Italian :o

Sorry, I should have said. He is looking for references to books or websites in English.

I suppose you already know these links:

and this, about our own Dunkirk (on foot!):

Please note that the greatest book about Italians in Russia has been also published in English:

Mario Rigoni Stern: “The sergeant in the snow” (Marlboro Press - 1998)

Is is really first hand: Rigoni was an Alpini Troops Sergeant…fought Germans after coming back from Russia, and was consequently sent to a Lager in Germany…

Thanks MonsTTer for suggestions. I will look if any other book about Italians in Eastern Front was translated in English.
A few of them here following.

This is another withness of the Italian retreat in Russia:
Eugenio Corti - Few Returned

The following is a novel, but based on real facts happened to the author, who fought on the Eastern Front. Anyway worth to be read:
Eugenio Corti - The Red Horse

From the same author, about Italian soldiers after the armistice of Sept 8th, 1943: Eugenio Corti - The last soldiers of the King

About Sergeant in the Snow, highlighted by MonsTTer:

I will look for more titles in English

These are great, thanks Bear and Monstter.

I really didn’t know where to begin. I am only very slowly learning more about Italian campaigns and it looks like I have a lot more to learn.

I’ll pass these suggestions on this evening.