Live Show, Sunday 28th of February

[font=Comic Sans Ms]The next Blue Comets team Live Show will be on Sunday 28th of February !
All info soon !

Overview: Blue Comets team decided to show a less common plane and this time will fly a dynamic program with 5 P-40M .
around 25 minutes length .
Realistic options except outside view for public.
The show is made to be watched from the public zone where a static
camera has been put (CTRL or shift F2 view).

Timeline: to be defined
Spectators will be allowed to enter from 16h30 GMT.
The server will be locked at 17h00 GMT then the show will begin. (…h… France time)
So come before 17h00 GMT or you may be unable to enter !
You can leave but you won’t be able to come back.

[li][color=black]for people connecting with IP: to be defined[/color]
[/li][li][color=black]For people connecting from HL, the name of the host will be: to be defined[/color]
: 4.09m we use Ultrapack 2.0 but people who only have 4.09m should be able to come and watch (compatible as soon as no mod is activated)

IP: to be defined . By the time of the show, no password will be needed.
There will be 2 rooms.

  • a room to speak freely
  • and the main frequency if you want to listen to the leader but where you won’t be able to talk.
    Just choose.

Skin: download the skin (available soon) which will be used during the show and put it in your p40M folder.
Don’t change its name or it will not work.
Program Files\Ubisoft\IL-2 Sturmovik 1946\PaintSchemes\Skins\p-40M

Go on green bases which are made for spectators. Just click CTRL or shift
F2 and you will be on public view, ready to watch. Just follow the show
with your mouse and change zoom if needed.

*Smokes used will be wingtip smokes as all spectators may not have mods to see our central smoke.

  • There will be music playing during the show via Teamspeak, so don’t be surprised , it’s planned !
    His name in TS will be “Live Show music”, don’t mute him, the show will be better with it !

Pictures of the base, IPs of TS and server , and all other missing info will come as soon as possible.
Don’t hesitate to ask any question you may have , we will answer ASAP !

Blue Comets : virtual world , real procedures




hi there,
the show has been repeated :wink:

here’s the vid of the event