Little Dieter Needs to Fly - BBC4 Tonight

One to watch.

Little Dieter Needs to Fly
11:00pm - 12:10am

Werner Herzog’s personality always dominates his documentaries. Consequently, his curiosity is as much to the fore as Dieter Dengler’s memory in this biographical study that will outrage the purists with its unconventional approach to truth. Raised in poverty in post-Nazi Germany, Dengler emigrated to the United States aged 18 to fulfil his flying ambitions. However, his stint in the USAF resulted in him being shot down over Laos and tortured by his captors before he managed to escape. Some of the reconstructions may seem extreme, but Dengler seems to trust the director implicitly and, moreover, they chime in with Herzog’s perennial fixation with obsession.

Directed by: Werner Herzog
Filmed in: 1997

Thanks Joe, sounds interesting. Was he the fellow who flew Douglas Skyraiders? Read a book a long time ago, and this rings a bell about it.