Key Assignments?

Anyone else having issues with this? I have a G940 and despite repeatedly trying to save various key assignments when I load a mission, they have reverted to an old selection. Am wondering if it is linked to the sometimes / not always warning of dual-key mapping to a pair of functions?

Similar thing with pre-saved load-outs for fuel and ammo; sometimes I can select them and sometimes not :frowning:

I have issues of the game not recognising when I have assigned inputs/ key commands. Last night I was offline farting around, discovered that I couldn’t get the radiator to work from keys on the hotas I had already mapped :(… This was on the Spitfire Mk1a.

Sounds like what I have, Puff. Sometimes if you assign a key to 2 functions it tells you, sometimes it does not. Also, I cannot find a way to simply delete a key function in game. Am wondering if there is some legacy confusion if you assign a key to one thing and then change your mind - am going to try deleting all my selection file and starting again.

BTW; if you look in 'Camera Views (not ‘Views’) there are the old 30 degree, 70 degree and 90 degree cockpit views from Il2; much better than the lean-forward view CLOD offers :slight_smile:

Key assignments can be a bit finicky I agree. You an either double click the relevant entry and then activate the key you want to assign or you can use the ‘New’ ‘Change’ and ‘Delete’ buttons at the bottom left of the options screen.

When testing key assignments in game don’t forgot that if you have Anthropomorphic Control enabled in the difficulty settings it may appear that a certain input is not working.

Also don’t forget to Save any changes as well as hitting the Apply button.

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you can use the ‘New’ ‘Change’ and ‘Delete’ buttons at the bottom left of the options screen.

Will give this a whirl, much obliged :slight_smile:

Quick COD setup in our EAFWIKI still WIP

upgraded with your inputs!

edited the wiki…oCOD#view=edit

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