#&@"!??!""&! Joystick !!

Yep it’s me again :smiley:
This new fangled stick is sending me nuts (you may have guessed) :wink:
In game (while flying and using autopilot) I go to the hotas setup and try to get the throttle to work on the …yep the throttle lever. However the twist axis (think it’s ‘Z’) and the throttle both want to share/use the ‘Z’ axis, so power up and full right rudder :smiley: interesting situation to say the least. At the moment I can only use the ‘U’ slider (on the throttle) for the power selection, not really a long term solution, any ideas why it is like this? did any X52 users have this problem (Pro or normal version) I just can’t find a solution for this and I’ve been everywhere on the internet to try to find this (no luck of course) may have to back to playing tetris :frowning:

Do u have any other game controllers plugged in?

No. (reply needs to be more than 8 letters) :slight_smile:

I will try my best to get online early tonight (pre 21:00) perhaps we can sort it out on comms alternatively Kris will probably be on, he may be able to help you out.

It may be worthwhile grabbing a copy of the ‘joystick RTS’ section from someone who uses an X52 as well, that may prove beneficial.

What happens when you go into the HOTAS setup screen? can you configure both the rudder twist and the throttle? If they are showing up on the same axis perhaps its something wrong with the hardware. In the windows control panel if you go into game controllers and test/calibrate the joystick through the control panel do all axis’ appear to work correctly that way?

Have you tried using IL2 joycontrol?
It’s a simplified utility to programme joysticks…
You will find it and other joystick profiles that may help you here… [COLOR=darkorange]http://mission4today.com/index.php?name=Downloads&c=53[/COLOR]

Hmmm, Odd indeed is this one.

I have my X52 throttle running alongside my MSFFB2 with no problems.
When I set the ‘power’ in the game set-up I had the throttle centred, then clicked to changed properties in set-up within IL2 and it identified the -Z-AXIS ID2 straight away.
The throttle on the MSFFB2 is not recognised so causes no conflict.

Try setting it when not flying, going straight to Hardware Setup first, might do the trick mate.

Dont forget the 2 sections in control settings in the game.
The 1st lot of settings are called Controls…the second set is HOTAS.
I had the same when my brakes would come on automatically when landing…i had the “B” key set in controls…but in HOTAS somehow it had defaulted to “Left Mouse Control”?
Hope This Helps Maggie

Could some of you perhaps post your il2 config.ini showing just your stick settings for the axis and maybe I could change it there, joy control works fine however it shows it the same axis for the rudder and throttle, really strange, the saitek control panel shows all buttons and sliders etc working fine and as how they should. maybe a software problem but I’ve tried a reinstall and checked the reg for any bits and bobs several times with the same result. I’m at a complete loss!! perhaps the throttle part of the j/stick is borked but it all works fine in saitek control panel. I wonder why il2 thinks they should share the same axis. I should also mention the rotary controls on the throttle which I want to use as trim wheels they also both want to use the same axis as the main flight controls, could well be the throttle part of the stick is borked, sheesh.:frowning: