Its not often.......

that someone gets to say hello from the Maldives, so hello all :smiley:

Our honeymoon will soon be over and we will jetting back to England very soon, sigh!

See you all soon

Hey Classic, hope you and the missus are having a great time, and how did you wangle some time on the net? Mrs Classic gone shopping? :wink:

Lucky honeymooners, I bet that yellow moon hanging over the water and the soft sussuring of the sea and- Wake Up! Scraaaaammmble! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the postcard Classic, wish we were there. No really mate, popping out for a ciggie and it’s raining again we are desperate men I tell you :slight_smile:


grey and grim here mate, hey but at least we’re flying :slight_smile:

Safe journey you lucky bugger and don’t forget the fridge magnet.