isn't the scotland

this morning at 10 Km from Taranto at ten o’clock foggy incoming on shore, first time that I see it

Beautiful Wildcat!

I wish we can have this colour palette in Il-2… Oleg has no water vapour


Scotland annexed Taranto? Man we have to have more elections like the last one!!! (SNAFU.) :wink:

EYA! Grow I will came to Duxford this year why not Join us old bro?

That would be cool Wildykins. Will all depend on new job though if I can get away.
BT Openreach god bless em, just headhunted me as a Telecomms Engineer… :rolleyes:

Hey Hey bay I’m yer telephone man! :roflmao:

LOL you are a singer as Alan the: twin schottish!