I need one volunteer...

Is here any volunteer for Aerobatic flying? :slight_smile:

I would like to try it, I found me quiet interested in it a month ago, but I can’t fly on Mondays, Thursdays and Sundays… (except of these two weeks - its winter holidays) and I dont like flying alone. :o

Get me to know if you are interested in :wink:

S! Vasek

Okay, if there is nobody interested in aerobatics, is anyone flying on Tuesdays/Wednesdays/Fridays or Saturdays able to fly rarely with me?

Unfortunatelly I cant join your trainings, so I am looking for some way how to fly with you or how to fly with anyone else. Its also a question for me about staying in EAF :(. If I have nobody from EAF to fly with (there is usually anyone in TS) its harder to find interest in Il-2 for me. :frowning:

sorry mate

Hi Vasek, sorry to hear that. But I cant believe that no one is flying outside training nights. Maybe better ask in the main pub, I think many do not read this forum.

As for finding anyone to make acrobatic flying, I can certainly recommed it to anyone. Its a fun and great way to improve your control over the plane. And it looks good :slight_smile:

I tried making aerobatics several times, always alone unfortunately.
I am interested, but shortage of time.
During training nights I am involved in SEOW.
I will send you a PM any time I find some spare time.

I need to shake some rust away and will probably fly a bit tonight.

I am also flying today in the evening :wink:

Hei Vasek I like to do some aerobatic flying as well. Please send me a PM when you will be on line so I can plan this.

Me too …

Desperate housewives tonight on Dutch tv, so I have some time from 20:30 :smiley:

Damn, didn’t look at the forum last night…

What about saturday?


Sorry I didnt check the forum last week, so what about this Saturday?

I’ll be there Saturday. Friday too :slight_smile:

Normally me too

Okay, so can you be on TS on Sunday 17th at 20:30 CET?

and which plane do you prefere for aerobatics? P-51D NA-20?

You mean Saturday 17th or Sunday 18th?
20:30 is ok for me, only thing, I cannot host :frowning:

Plane … whichever but should have a powerfull engine.

P-51 is ok!

Saturday the 17th, sorry :wink: