History Ch dogfight?

No was me on Lock-On online server
F15 vs Mig 29

E-3 Sentry tell me bandit bearing 165 for 02 low Hot
I’ve do an Hard dive I see him dropp flares, I’ve put radar on close combat -vertical scan mode but enemy was so close at terrain and i can’t lock him

warning sistem tell pull up near G loc i’ve climb and overshoot him,

turing right, roll under and turn left and climb

I see him doing Cobra (he want fire helmet IR guided missile) I’m lucky he can’t lock me but now he is so slow just in time put radar off for dont hear him my lock, selected aim 9 IR missile and Fox 2

splash 2

is the second kill I got 3 bad guys intense fight and fun

Inverted AIM 9 launch got to love it! :smiley: