Hi mates, It's Bender!!!

Yes it’s me, back from don’t know where :stuck_out_tongue: and ready to fly again with you.

It’s been a long time without knowing nothing from world outside, you know, inside the new psychiatric centers they only let you see the TV and have a gin tonic or two, or some travel across time and space (without moving from your bed!) sponsored by a famous laboratory and not too much.

And when they consider thay you are a good boy (or you make him believe that) then expend you a certificate of madness wich let you do a lot of things like fly with the best combat simulator ever made with the best guys at your side :wink:

The rest of things I can do with that piece of paper you will discover later heheheheeeeeeeeeeee

But before I can do that, I have a little problem with a thing called PATCHES.

It seems that things like patches have caducity date, at least on the servers, cannot find the patches since 3.00, the servers have removed first releases ¿!?

So where can I find the whole collection of patches to put them in a single CD and store in my jewel case? :smiley:

I will appreciate If someone can send me the files, leave me a private message and will send u my email, and I will put some holes in your fuselage for free to thank you for that :stuck_out_tongue: Ah! and with the caliber you choose, or I can cover you from foe fire when in some dogfight if you prefer, or drag and bag some good piece for your cannons, or EVEN I can WASH your AIRPLANE and polish completely and check the tires pressure and sharpen the blades of the propeller (multiengines accepted), or I can go for a walk (or a dinner too) with your girlfriend while you fly a long and tired key mission.

Whatever you want
I WOULD DO ANYTHING FOR PATCHES!!! please :stuck_out_tongue:

Now seriously
I’m glad to be again with all of you boys :wink:

EAF The Squadron!

leave me the phone number of you girlfriend if you are interested in flying a long mission

Here is all U need:


Good luck!

Thanks a lot Hans!

Choose one:

Hole n’ wing
wing assistance
Drag n’ bag
Full equipe cleaning
Marathon mission

:banana: :banana: :banana:

Patches are here:


3.03m to 3.04m