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Hi all,

Bit of a novice-style question…but what do you find to be the best way of looking around the cockpit? Obviously the hat switch does the job, but its way too jerky. If I’m chasing someone and they move out of the forward field of vision, I’ll have to move the switch up to follow him - but as the thing only looks directly upwards the field of vision will zoom past him…which of course means I’ll lose track of him and he’ll zoom past me, or I’ll just use a few more manouveres correcting mistakes and trying to stay on his tail than I need to. I know I can use the padlock option, but I don’t particularly like using it (and most servers seem to disallow it anyway) - and I have a hell of a time flyig with one hand on the joystick and the other on the mouse.

So the question is as to what method the majority of you use for looking around. Is it the joystick hat switch, or have you just got the hang of using the mouse?




I have used the mouse in the past, and it makes a huge difference once you get the hang of it. I know others have used a rollerball very successfully.

But in the end, all roads lead to TrackIR!

The next question should be: what is TrackIR?
The answer is here:

If you want to save money, and trying something SIMILAR to TracIR, I suggest you try NewView. Newview is an improved hat control software, a kind of emulator of TrackIR, allowing you a smooth move of your Hat Switch. it is not so thrilling as TrackIR, it takes some time to be set, but… It’s free.

You can download it at the EAF Italian website: www.eaf51.org

The website is in double language, italian+English (English is written in yellow font)

Go on the toolbar on the left side of the page and click on Download.
On the next page scroll down and click on “Publick Download Area - GO”
On the next page you can find the different download sections: click on “Utilities, Tips and Tools”
NewView is the seventh download link from the top.

+1 on TIR, no doubt, get it!

I see the TrackIR marketing boys have been busy again :slight_smile:
No doubt TIR is great (I don’t have it) but maybe you don’t feel like spending your cash just yet or you don’t play flightsims enough to warrant the investment.

Then try this (assuming you are right handed)
Use your left hand to look around with the mouse. It takes a bit to get used to, but you can practice this while you are at work :wink: You have your right hand free to use the joystick and you can still use your left thumb to handle the trottle on your stick.

If you’re not bullied by the “no-padlock” crowd :wink: you can also assign the padlock commands to your mouse buttons. Then it’s a simple matter of point-and-click to keep the enemy in sight.

Hey I’m just showing an alternative here :slight_smile:

Cheers all, much appreciated. I’m going to investigat the track IR thing, I’ll have a go at the download that was suggested (thanks for that), and in the meantime I’ll keep practicing with the left handed mouse.
Thanks for the suggestions

depending on your joystick you should be able to assign mouse movement to your hat switch, on my X45 I used to have the hat setup so that rather than snapping between the views my view would pan across and stop where I left it, much like the control when done with the mouse.

I’ll keep practicing with the left handed mouse

Assign the mousewheel to the throttle, saves trying to be a contortionist with your thumb :slight_smile: