Harrier WIP

Hello guys Im trying to do 3d model of harrier GR7 but i’ve problem with resolution in work screen

it’s to hard do anything with this setting someone know how do the blueprint better on work plane?

work plane

renderized immage

Just wanted to ask, when you want to start modelling a plane :slight_smile:

About the difference in the images I don’t really know.
Which 3d App are you using?
Edit: Ah it was 3Dmax, I have no idea about it. But a few things mabe can cause this. Work-screen-settings, picture-import-settings, graphiccard-settings.

yes is 3d max I’ve done all setting but dunno where maybe is video card setting…

also tried on full option video card setting

maybe found here:


I recall this one, nasty. However can’t remember what caused it.
Did you try save blueprint as TIFF, BMP, TGA and then import it?
I know I succeeded once importing a good res. blueprint, but then the aspect ratio was messed up. I’ll have a look at my files later today.

Maybe you can try to create a 2D plane and use the blueprint as material.
I thought you cab see materials in modelling environment (viewports).

resolved as done previous post im using simpy JPG

Wildcat I’ve found those video training tutorials on building an I-16 in XSI I mentioned earlier- found them on a DVD in work. The guy uses rotoscope images in the background like yours, he did it for the community it’s not a commercial thing

If you haven’t already found the series of tutorials I can upload the files, let me know if you need them mate

The Caligari (TrueSpace) free version 7.6 also has all the Caligari training videos available for free download now :slight_smile:


Dunno I’ve other problem with 3dm it crash when want visualize vray texture I think tha ti’ve lose the patient now :rolleyes:

It gets worse, much worse- before it gets better :slight_smile:

I had to stop using (TS) Vray because it had a killer lighting/shadow bug when light passed through glass and bounced off some materials. Caligari took no notice of our requests for a fix. Vray renders are very beautiful though

The new 7.6 version- the bug is fixed they say. This will make a man pull all his hair out and kick the dog

But on the other hand severe difficulties mean that small victories are enjoyed very much :slight_smile: