Going Dutch

Our Spitfire SM520 G-ILDA aka H99 BS147 recently visited Duxford on a training flight, whilst it was there it seems a few photos were taken and published, link below


Nice piccies :slight_smile:

I do like the one firing up

Has it been sold yet Classic? I saw it was open for public auction.

Being sold by Bonhams, due to go on Monday 20th April. The auction is taking place at RAF Museum Hendon, if any of us are feeling well off. How about a syndicate?

Lol, an EAF Spitfire :slight_smile:

Uhm…wow…are the ladies still painted in this scheme? I would love to jump in the back…€ ? As far as I know the Dutch spitfire is still undergoing repairs with the historic flight after her gear collapse on landing :frowning:

And? Sold for 1,7m?