Getting a new PC from work

Hi all. I’m getting a new PC soon and I like to know you gurus think of it.

I’t will be a DEll XPS MLK

Processor: P4 Xtreme HT 3,73GHz/1066MHz FSB/2MB cache,EM64T
Ram: 2064MB DDR2 (533MHz)
HD: 500GB SATA RAID 0 (2x250GB 7200rpm with 8 MB DataBurts cache )
optical unit 1 : 16xDVD
Optikal unit 2: 16xDVD+/RW Dual layer
GPU: 256MB ATI Readeon X850XT Platinum Edition PCI Express
Soundcard: SB Audigy 2 ZS ( 7.1 )

And now to the hard part of my choise Display…I really dont know if i’m going ta get a Dell 17 inch FP 1704 or a 20 inch FP 2001 or a FPW 2005 widescreen.

I really dont know any thing of TFT so can you get me some input PLS ?

No No No - I’m afraid that machine wont be any good at all for you. Best thing to do is to send it to me and I’ll arrange disposal for you :smiley:

Very nice machine Wasp.

I’ve had a TFT/LCD for 2 years now and love it. As far as advice for displays then ‘the bigger the better’!



Looks like a super computer :o:O:O

Regarding TFT make sure it’s a fast one, like 8-12ms even thou these numbers don’t say it all, it gives you a good hint…

If possible, say that you need to try it out before buying…

Good luck with your new comp!!!

A funny thing is that the 20 widescreen has a respons time of 12ms and the ordenary 20 has 16ms :rolleyes: and the widescreen is also cheeper for me to get… figgur that one out … I’m just woundering how IL-2 will look on a widescreen ?

If the game don’t “allow” wide format, you can always run your new video in center mode ie. you might run it in 1280x960 and get some black at the sides (you don’t use the hole screen when you run a game…).

So don’t worry about that…but check that the 12ms are both on and off time together…sometimes they try try to fool you and the are just talking about “time to full off” or on, NOT both.

If you get the widescreen, some of the conf.ini such as [window] may help, I think another concerns aspect ratio. I would double check before parting with your money, though, the threads I saw didn’t seem too certain about how well it displays.