General Questions about HP

Due to a hardware failure on my AMD box I am currently using a HP Pavilion as my Flight machine.

Having some issues regarding performance in il2 ( ie, half the framerate i was getting on an AMD 64 3200+).

The HP has a p4 3400 ht ( prescot core ) twice as much ram as the AMD and the same graphics card. (nvidia 7600gt pci-e )

To my thinking this should be at least as good. ( am I wrong in this ? )

Now, the HP restore setup installs a lot of stuff I neither want or need, and includes drivers for hardware i removed from the system.

Does anyone have experience of doing a vanila XP home install on modern(ish) HP hardware ?

Will the systems XP Home key be valid for a vanila XP Home install ?



As far as I am aware, if you have a legit copy of XP and a legit licence key there should be no issue with activating - you may have to use the phone activation procedure, but it is straightforward - they just ask for the number your system generates and give you an activation key, no other questions.

No recent experience with HP but you should be OK with a fresh install, the only issue is you will need an alternative source for the drivers you need. I doubt you’ll be able to pick them off the HP Disk without running the HP install.

Not sure why the performance should be as bad as you describe, sounds like there may be other undesirables lurking on the system apart from the HP stuff. Hopefully a fresh install will clear it.

Thank you PeeGee.

I did go though the phone activation number after installing vanila XP, no problems.

Did not however help as the system was still a dog and no better.

Nipped out at dinner time and got some new bits to fix my other box and so far looking good.