Gazetted: F/O Joe90 to be Ft/Lt

Joe90 is herewith promoted Ft/Lt with immediate effect.

Joe90 now carries the duties and responsibilities of X/O.
Most X/O’s have the rank of Flight Lieutenant.


Joe, about time too :slight_smile: Congratulations :slight_smile:

Now, about that leave of absence for the Mess Steward, did you want me to sign it now, or wait until tomorrow? …

Let me be the first to congratulate Joe, Well done. Bravo.


Nice one Joe, well deserved.


Bravo Joe!

well done Joe!!

good job mate


Grattis Joe, Well done! :slight_smile:

Congrats Joe…!! :smiley:

:slight_smile: Beers on you…The mess is open!..Regards…Dave.

I tip my service cap to Joe; a most deserving bit of recognition :slight_smile:

I’ll have some of that scotch you’ve been maturing under your bunk :smiley:

Nice one, Joe :slight_smile: Salute !

Good job, Joe.
A bottel of Grappa is waiting for you at the EAF51 Officier Mess… :slight_smile:

Well done Joe, good news for 602 Squadron. Hope to catch you online tonight

Hey Joe what do you want with that bottle of Malt in your hand!?..pass it over to me, immediately…that promo booze will be extra tasty. Hand on Garrison Cap saluting shaking hands slapping shoulder stretching out empty glass to be filled again. Woohoo that extra stripe looks splendid…hey what fine bonnie lassies behind that bar of yours 602, lets head that direction!! shall we? :smiley: hic

Good work Joe proficiat :slight_smile:

Tillykke Joe well done !

Congratulations, Joe! S!

Thank you all,

I celebrated tonight with a drink for all of you, all down my neck (of Wine - Hiaw, Whisky is far too dangerous to take in large quantities)

Then, I stole Keets and PeeGees 109 kill in two coops! Thanks guys, very decent of you :smiley:

Call it teamwork, but Keets stats show me with ONE bullet and one kill, muhahahaha (strange that you got 32 Bullets hit Keets!!)

Nevertheless, Peacemaker, Whizz and me made great comms and a kill on this poor sod!

Congrats :slight_smile:

Absolutely well deserved Joe :slight_smile: