For Hotas Cougar owners

find this link to a upgrade our cougars :slight_smile:


if you want a realistic non-moving stick of course (well, should have a little movement I guess, but…). :stuck_out_tongue:

Det finns även Force Controlled Cougar. Jag skall förhoppningsvis prova en av dem, jag tror det är FCC, i Januari på NoSiG-LAN. Hyfsat sugen…

Skönt att slippa de absurda vinklarna på stickan och precisionen i avläsningen är av en helt annan magnitud.


There’s also the Force Controlled Cougar. Hopefully I will get to try one of them, I think it is the FCC, at the NoSiG LAN in January. Rather tempted…

Nice to be rid of the absurd stick angles and the precision in the stick readings is of an entirely different magnitude.


(Sorry about that. Putting “make sure brain is engaged before activating keyboard” on top of my forum checklist… :D)

non moving stick is not recommended for il2

As you fly an aircraft by coordinating the force applied with the feedback you get from the aircraft, it’s not really an issue if the stick is moving or not. As I stated above, readable to at least a few percent of the members :rolleyes:, getting rid of the ridiculous stick angles makes a lot more for the realism than can ever be detracted.