Flaming Cliffs 2: Su25T

Yesterday Redthorn took me for an introductory online adventure with the Su25T. Despite multiple technical issues, it was a fun flight: the flight model, the change from IL2, the “I have been locked…oh, Im missing a wing. Looks like we had 2 bandits in our 6 after all”. A different world.

Maybe someday I took my Ka50 up again, perhaps as support for some EAF A10 guys?

Thx Redthorn!

Hey Nepe,
just upgraded to BS2 here, there was a sale going at DCS.

I need to upgrade my BS, but happy to go a hunting with you in my A10. :slight_smile:

What about against him?
Much more fun trying to shoot down a chopper with a big ass gun. :smiley:


Big ass gun…

Oh yes! :slight_smile:


Hope your gunnery is top class, cause I won’t make it easy for ya :slight_smile: