first mission

what mission would like to fly?


I’m just editing something easy to fly

F15 takingoff in scramble, a ground radar have bogey it don’t respond at interrogation from ground

F15 task is find the bogey with visual identification and escort it to AFB than you can land

A10 only …, is better you do the training missions on the game cause is very good. Do you wanna make Ground attack or aerobatics?


I can edit we can try all

Ok i’ll do serch and destry mission with thanks Zsu and SAMs

I’ve one problem with AGM 65 sometime it don’t hit the targets why?

Ok so you r ready for a startup mission? maybe you r to close when your firethe Mav’s …, try to use the Altitude lock ( H Key ) to stabilize the plane.

Lets make some mission online together on a easy map and that we can go online.


ok mission rdy I’m on TS if you wana me

Im rdy Wildcat. Let me know when :slight_smile:


thi s night for you ok? sorry the time for response

Today is my brother birthday…, I would probabily be online arround 23h00 only.
If you cant we schedule it for tommorrow.


happy birthday we can try it tomorrow

The directory that you should back to keep your key settings is:

:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Eagle Dynamics\Lock On\Input

just copy past the Input dir to another local and its done.


done mate I’ve lost only joy setting, i’ve edit mission online now, is a stupipd thing don’t like the editor for online guys because the fight leader can only comand AI plane and no humans in this case i’ve add new fight for play togheter

each flight have one plane all are Leader

Yeah I tought so.

Great …, lets try it tonight


yes but I’m free near 23:00 GMT

edited 21:01
ok now I’m disponible my friend call me now im on TS

Check list for the Warthog

are you crazy ?

Nice flying yesterday was fun

Yes it was… thank you for the flight :slight_smile: