Faith Hope and Charity RELEASED

Wingmen Productions is proud to present Faith Hope and Charity, a machinima film two years in the making. This film, inspired by actual events, tells the story of the defense of the island of Malta during WWII.

Malta, part of the British Commonwealth, is actually a small group of islands in the Mediterranean Sea, about half way between Sicily and the northern coast of Africa. On June 12, 1940, the day after Italy declared war on Britain, the Italians began a prolonged campaign of aerial bombardments against Malta.

This film highlights the early phase of that conflict as it follows the lives of three RAF pilots: George Burges, John Waters and Timber Woods. These pilots flew Gloster Sea Gladiator biplanes in the heroic defense of the island against more modern Italian fighters and bombers. In all, about six Gladiators were involved in the fighting–some were cannibalized for parts–but only three could ever be scrambled for a single sortie. The legend that arose from that conflict immortalized three of the Gladiators, nicknamed Faith, Hope and Charity.


It is important to point out that this film is not a documentary. While the story it tells was inspired by actual people and events, we found it necessary to change certain facts for dramatic purposes. Those interested in the full history behind the battle for Malta are invited to read a summary at our Web site under the History tab. (The link to our Web site is at the bottom of this post.) A more complete history can be found at under “Siege of Malta (1940)”. We would encourage you to enjoy the movie first, as the histories will give away important elements of the film’s story.


This film project began on June 16, 2005. A group of about a dozen filmmakers from this forum decided to get together and create a film using their combined skills and resources. Originally, it was going to be a small project, lasting no more than a few months and producing a film around 15 minutes in length. As Murphy’s Law would have it, it took two years to complete the project, and the film is more than one hour in length. In all, almost 20 people were involved in the production. A lot could be written about the production process itself, but I’ll save that for another post or let the rest of the Wingmen Productions crew tell the story. Suffice it to say a lot of hard work was invested in this.

Those interested can read the original thread that started this project here:


Reportedly, George Lucas once said, “A film is finished when you stop working on it.” We could have easily continued to work on FH&C for another six months or more, polishing and tweaking. However, there came a point when we realized we needed to wrap things up and release this. We all have things in the film we would have liked to change or polish up more, but you have to draw a line at some point. Today, June 16, marks the two-year anniversary of when we started this journey, and we felt this would be an appropriate point to call FH&C officially “finished.”

We are pleased to announce that FH&C will be available shortly on DVD (both NTSC and PAL versions will be available). The DVD will be the best way to enjoy the film for those who want the best in video and sound quality, as well as special features.

FH&C boasts an original musical score, composed especially for this film using state-of-the-art software. The DVD and soundtrack CD are both available for purchase from our Web site.

In addition, we have set up a PayPal link for those wishing to make a voluntary contribution to the moviemakers who worked on this for two years. A lot of software and hardware had to be purchased to bring this film to fruition. It is strictly voluntary, but any contributions will be very much appreciated.

Feel free to post your thoughts and comments about the film, but if your post contains information that would give away important parts of the story, please type “WARNING – SPOILERS” or something similar at the start of your post as a courtesy to those who haven’t downloaded it yet.

For my part, I would just say that it’s been an honor to work with the group of guys who put this together. The entire process has been very educational, almost like a mini film school. We hope FH&C inspires other independent filmmakers to push the limits of what machinima (filmmaking using games as graphics engines) can do.

A final thank you to all of the sites and site administrators who are and will be hosting this film. A complete list of mirror sites is available at the link below.

The film is 633MB, so prepare for a long download.

We hope all our efforts amount to an enjoyable film experience for you the viewer. Enjoy the show!


Downloading now :w00t:

633MBs:eek: Good job BT just upgraded my connection to 2MB!

Thanks Joe,


A superb effort Joe… You and the team are to be congratulated.

Downloaded it at 00:45 (still in holiday mod :cool:) and watched it.
Great work chaps, well worth the wait.

Many thanks for all the hard work, crackin’ score to it, great graphic’s and story.

Absolutely bloody fantastic!

I was genuinely worried that it would be too long and not hold my attention but I was completely wrong.

Pass on my congratulations to all involved for this excellently executed piece of machinimatography (that a word? :slight_smile: )

My only criticism would be a few of the lines of voice acting being a bit off mostly top stuff though!

Had a lump in my throat more than once watching this, I will be passing this link on to just about everyone I can do :slight_smile: Especially some of my friends in Malta.

…almost brings a tear to your eye when…Damn censorship :smiley:
Excellent movie

That was the desired effect Dan!

Now, would you mind editing your post - we don’t want to give away any of the plot, cheers :wink:

Dammit. :mad: Too late.

Oh well, will have to watch it anyway knowing the ending:rolleyes:

is it out over here as i have been out today to get some new dvds and have not seen it and i cant down load it as i dont want top get hit with another fair usage ban like last time lol

fantastic the voice on bomber is mine LOL :roflmao: yes Is great video George or want call Sparrow1?

Good Job Joe and Everyone else involved. Its always a sign of a good film when you immediately do something like:
Fly a mission involving a lone Gladiator, against Macchi’s and Italian Bombers :smiley:

I’d agree with the above that some of the voice acting could have sounded more natural, one laugh in particular.

The storyline and score were excellent, as was the flying. I found myself on the edge of my seat a few times and really wanted The Last guy to make it out.

Good job Joe and i hope there’s a sequel planned for 2009?


Just finished it - Fantastic Joe, really enjoyed it. :slight_smile:

I agree, I really enjoyed it Joe - and good team work there.

wow, the waiting paid off!!!

Great work Joe and compagnons, i enjoyed this matinee very much :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:

Just finished downloading and looking now. Looks fantastic Joe! :slight_smile:

Joe, are you maybe spiro 1? :smiley:


Joe is George, the Formation Leader, I suppose…:wink:

…and Wildcat the Evil Italian Bomber…:roflmao:

Downloading it don’t tell me what happens I can’t hear you lalalalalalala

It’s a bit big isn’t it 8 hours left but sounds worth the wait I’m going home soon <polishes memory stick> :slight_smile:


Outstanding Joe, well done by you and your team.