EAFAT - Procedures

for takeoff procedures :

  • Aline on the airfield on echelon ( Taxing at T25%-10Kmh )
  • Leader NavLights on - Lag check
  • Prop Pitch to 100%
  • Radiator Full open
  • Takeoff or Landing Flaps (need to test this)
  • Tailwheel Locked
  • Wheels Locked
  • Plane Trim - the P51 tends to go to the left, so trim it
  • Throtle 60%
  • Wheels unloocked
  • Roll
  • Gear up
  • At 240Kmh flaps raised and T50%


For landing approch we should:

  • Downwind Leg ( Parallel passing left side of the runway, more less 2,5km distance from the airfield at 250m )
  • After we pass the airfield, our left elevator should be 45º of the runway
  • Throttle down to 40%
  • Left turn to Base Leg
  • Left turn for finals when we had the runway 45º
  • After correct Alinement, full flaps and throttle to 30%
  • Before touchdown, Gears Down throtle 20%

Here is the Pattern(thanx to Malinas)

nice work cassa

yeah if we can stick to that patern nad we make a routine of landing and take off it wil be a lot easyer

and everybody knows what to do
bye bye :cool: