EAFAT DeBriefing Case

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Thanx Nepe, Mas and Bear for joinig yesterday 20min training session.

Regarding that was the first time for some of us flying EAFAT, was quite good. Most of the time we were close each other, only a crash in the runway and in formation was nice to see all 4 planes flyby passing close each others.

We had some dificults on echelons, so I put some pics on the post EAFAT Flying tips , to see how close and correct distance so we can fly in echelon.

Also the takeoff procedures, maybe need some changes as well. I was the leader last night and I didnt realize the dificults that we have follow me, so please post that.


how to make everyone do everything at the same time: the lag in TS makes it difficult. When leader says 3,2,1 go I have to do it when he says 1, or even a little before that. Practice.

In the turns, my worst maneuver :p, I was pulling on the stick when I should not: only maintain proper bank and climb.

Lock tailwheel on takeoff…not sure if it makes any difference in the game, though. But take off was not too difficult for me…maybe a little rudder trim helps to keep straight. Also the TS lag made that everyoen started rolling at slightly different times, I think that can be the problem.

Yesterday we keep trying the best sequence to takeoff. What I realize was that I what I was doing wrong, cause I always make my manuevers first that everyone did. So my mistake was that when I give the comands, I hit the key or turn the plane to soon. Example:





I hope that you understand what I mean.

I test also the Lock tailwheel, and I didnt realize how much improvement we get. I notice a little more stable and staight in the takeoff. But Tonight I will test it again we a buntle of takeoffs.

We also need to define simple fixed manuevers to practice. We need to made them all to pass over the airfield between 70/100m not higher, cause there will be the espectators. The last manuevers must be perfect aline with the airfield to land. The manuevers must be short as possible, to the delay between the pass over the runway and the next pass, be shorter as possible.

I will work on that, also the landing procedures.

Regarding this, also realize that the leader must full concentrate in put the plane in the correct route and stable as much as he can, so the others can follow him.


After some 15º turns and all the time checking the ArtifHorizon and Climb Instr., I realize that the best way to stay all the time alined with the Airfield is, counting the seconds after passint the marking point (airfield).
So for paralel passing, after leave the airfield at you 6, you must count 15sec before making a 15º right turn. After you cross the airfield, you should count more less 19/20sec to made the left turn. If everything goes well this should be enought to keep us alined with the airfield. And that means that all changes in the formation, must be done on those periods of time.


Good ideas. And howabout slow flight over the runway with gear out in formation? :slight_smile:

That is good practice for landing also maybe?

Good job EAFATer’s :slight_smile:

The Takeoff procedures works but Im still thinking that we should correct something on that. Perhaps the voice lag issue…( lets discuss )

The 15ºTurns works better then I expected…, even not alined with the airfield, were quite efficience the 15sec that we should count after passing the airfield. Need work on aline only…

Related with the Wingies and Slot…, I can only say that it will cames with experience. Mas was able to follow me most of the time, even when I wasnt alined with the airfiled for landing.
Regarding some experience flying as wingie or slot that I have, we should focus only on the leader movements and not with the concern of a possible crash. Its normal that we made have crashs on training, but I think if we get the correct position of the leader and able to maintain that, we dont need to concern about the crashs.

Please see the Topic Flying Tips and discuss that.

srry for the long Debrief.


Here is the EAFAT-track of 21-03-2005:

EAFAT track 21-03-2005

I didn’t watch it yet, but Cassa and Mas said it was gooood!:smiley:

Thank you Mas and Henkie for the nice moments of EAFAT…, we are ready for the next step…, LANDING :wink:


eum when were you flyinbg yesterday at what houre?

wel i was not on last because exames but they are almost over :smiley:

so next time i will be there

Hi Cooper,

normally we meet at 21h00 on HL Portugal time, 22h00 Mas time . Yesterday we did a very nice pratice. Very close and nice formation. Only the landing was not good , but very funny :smiley:
Check the track cooper and let us know what you think of it!!

I will be online tonight arroung 21h30 PT time (GMT-greenwich mean time). Hope to see you there.


some info about the overpass with landing gear down

eum if you want to do that 70 is to high no?
wel you can start with that alt but if you see the formations is good and everything is running smoothly wel you can try getting lower but if you want to preform that stunt you need to have a straight approcht on the runway, for practicing it, and to be in a stable formaition => try pairs first and later you will be able to turn in final and do the stunt.

about take of eum lock tailweel, you olny feel it wel you start rolling if you are on speed like 20 or 30 you will go straight ahead if you don’t use your tail for steering so it’s good to begin with, but later on you will be able to do it without the locked tailweel

the simple manouvers you are wright in that just turns and passes for beginning later on you can preform a loop :cool: :banana:


track was very cool

eum i’m affraid not tonight, tommorow i got an examination and fryday as well so
i will be able to fly at wednesday night like 2100

S! All :slight_smile:

It was a plesure to fly yesterday and thx both Cassa and Henkie for a very fun flying.

I’m thinking a bit of what we do yesterday and the idea to watch the track and have some debreifing together was very good and maybe we should do that everytime after the training ?

Using TS all of us and watch the track was for me very useful and can help us improve the flying.

Yes true Mas…, after yesterday I realize how much important is to watch the track together. That way we can debriefe quite good. Was a wonderfull Idea.

Here some pics from yesterday:


nice pictures

EAFAT 22-03-2005


wel i’m putting a debriefing about me and cassa. we were flying the today and yesterday and we saw progressing in the way of flying and or formation flying in turns and the loop :wink:

cassa got the 2 trackcs, can’t upload then i’m on portable wright now

cassa will probebly upload them.

bye bye all hope to see you all in the next formation :d
you will be looking at my windscreen and se me doing this : :bootyshk: :wink: if you come that close :eek: :cool: :wink: (and i don’t dout it :smiley: )

Hi m8’s :slight_smile:

here it is a pic of me and Cooper testing some manuevers :slight_smile:
Here is the track of the training


hehehe next time cassa i will manouver bit closer to your cockpit