EAF19_Onz's R/C A6 Invader

One of Onz’s friends has posted this on youtube, Onz flying his new A6 Invader.


He’s flying that very nicely.

Nose in is where I have problems.

On a slightly different note here’s an onboard vid of a certain EAF T/O showing why sometimes its best not to take up an indoor Medevac outdoors, without checking if its windy at the front of the house.


Love the sound of the fan induction:) Thats some great flying Onz! :smiley: Do you have any video of that Triplane in flight?

Nice one Keets! :stuck_out_tongue:

Great flying Onz, climbing turns nice coordination

lol Keets, I was thinking watching Onz’s superlative show “Wonder if onboard cameras?” but you’ve put me off it now

Taking off in low-mass un-aerodynamic helicopter into crosswind at 10ft masked by hedge not good idea, did your neighbour sunbathing say she noticed anything “I dropped my top as usual and this was immediately followed by a loud crashing sound and someone shouting Fetch a ladder it’s on the chimbley” :slight_smile:


Reminds me on:


That was some really nice flying Onz! It was fast!:smiley:

lol, Keets…:stuck_out_tongue:

Mate of mine here is an engineer (lathes, steam engines) and he couldn’t work out what the engine is, is it a fanjet? They’re in awe here at Onz’s awesome pilotage!


LOL! thats really amazing plane, he had to watch out for the electricity behind him :slight_smile:

The engine is an electric ducted fan, unlike most of Onz’s R/c aircraft this is a shop bought prebuilt kit.

Keets like you Onz has an electric Helicopter, in his case its a Chinook.

Ta Meako

Yesterday two Chinooks in trail over London. Anyone seen Edward :slight_smile:


Way to go Onz…
Nice to see you back after that good frekki tricoldori fun in Italy:D