EAF have been challanged!

Yesterday I recieved a challange by the 200th Sentai by 200th_Sakagawa.
They wish to test their skills against a serious opposition.

The location would be their server Okinawa1945.
In a timeperiode between 2000 - 2300 GMT.

The planeset would be US/Japanese 1944/1945.

His word where: It would be nice to meet an organised and large opponant
like 4xB25s and 6xP51s.

I post this here to see if we can or will meet his challenge :wink:

I have been flying with and against the man for about a year and can vote for his seriousness.

Pity its the US/Jap planeset again… Whats happened to Jerry? I’m itching to get back into my proper RAF skin…

4xB25’s and 6xSpit VIII’s poss.

Against the Imperial Hoards the 51 in-game would have a very hard task.
What would they fly, Ki-64c’s?

I’ll happily take up a B25 if you like? mmmmMMMMMM! Bee twenty five!!!:stuck_out_tongue:

The 200th around 10 guys, and according to history we should go up in a 4:1 or more against them. We should be able to assable enough pilots for it.
Due to the summerholliday 331 is down to about 4 in strenght. 602 where on 3 tonight. I don’t know about 311, 310 or Storno. Our Italien friends do have a lot of pilots but it is the holliday season :frowning:
Anybody know about the 92nd?

If we set a date I can inform the 200th Sentai.

The trick is to play it right. All planes go high. 10,000ft +. The higher the better for the P51 and the P47. B25 can bomb from 15,000. From experiance I know that a close boxed formation of bombers have can be a real pain.
Not long ago we flew 6xJu88 onlin and it was really funny to se the Spits flying around us. Like a cat around hot milk :rolleyes:

Ill gladly take a B25 :bootyshk:

I am sorry. The only thing I do not like in IL2 is Pacific planes.

Don’t be sorry. I feel the same way about the Russians :smiley:

The US planes where generally inferior to the Japanese when it came to maneuvering. The US won becourse they where able to put more planes in the Air. With a 2:1 and later 4:1 advantage there where no way the japanese could win. They did not have industrian capacity, the oil resources nor the pilots. But these odd can heartly be modelled in the game.

There is also grave error in the modelling of some of the planes. Due to lack of strategic materials like crome and the pressure due to their losses, quality control and maintenance where poor.
To quote the book “Brute Force” p492:
“And outstanding case offaulty material and maintenance was shown i a japanese diary covering the delivery of 80 Ki-84 (Franks) from Japan to Lingayen Bay, 4th november 1944., where only 14 planes reached their destination. Trouble with engines, fuel system, hydralics, and failure of landing gears where the principal couse of trouble”

That is an attritionrate of 82,5% due to non-combat couses
If this had been modelled I don’t think the Ki84’s would be so popular :rolleyes:

The book also states that the Allies where able to keep 70-80% of their planes available due to better quality and maintenance.

If we set a date I can inform the 200th Sentai

Sounds good Starfire

between 2000 - 2300 GMT

GMT/BST hmm don’t get me started :slight_smile:


Sorry, but what does BST means :confused:

That’s the problem lol

British Summer Time

What bloody summer :slight_smile:


Back in country and mostly awake…

Available for p51’ assignment if needed.


PS: oops, scrub the mostly awake bit… I see a date has yet to be arranged. Most likely not available.