Ducati No.1 Again!

Ducati World Champion SBK again! :slight_smile:

Troy Bayliss won the 2008 SBK championship one race in advance ad Magny Course. He is going to retire this year, being the second best winner in the SBK history (3 times) after Fogarty (4 times)
Again this year a small Italian factory won again against the big worldwide Jap motorbike builders. Thank you Ducati! Thank you Troy Bayliss! :slight_smile:

Bear I think they are No1 only in races I’ve hear about much people that have lot of porblem with this brand

Is Troy Bayliss Italian then??? :D:furios1::roflmao:

I do not care about the pilot (Australian, in this case): I support the bike :slight_smile:
Same story for cars: Ferrari forever, whoever is the driver.

McClaren might dispute that :stuck_out_tongue: