Driver for TIR1 - 3.12

Seems I’m not the only one, and some have problems finding an older version that actually works with TIR1, so here’s the version I’m using, v.3.12.

I’m simply using the setting “smooth”, works good for me (though I am considering upgrading to TIR4).

I could never get the version 3 ones working for long enough on TIR 1. After a short time of using it the view used to lag behind (similar to when you’re blind drunk :slight_smile: ).

I went back to the 2.12 beta with my TIR1 unit and it was fine. I’ve a copy of it if you need it.

2.12 is the one to use, no problems for years!

I have to agree, the 3.12’s would produce lag when panning. The 2.12 are rock solid.

I’ve just got the TIR1 set up - it looks like I’m going to have to re-learn aerial gunnery! Much harder to think about the position of the sight, the position of the enemy and the position of your head simultaneously! And I haven’t quite figured out how the recentring thing works… but I look forward to finding out! :slight_smile:

It’s quite intuitive to use it as a mouse too!

I use TiR2, on which the f9 and f12 keys are a great help
f9 defaults to stop (freeze) TiR*
f12 defaults to center (ie look forward)

In the past, I used to have joystick keys mapped to both of these f-keys. Eventually, I dropped the f9 mapping, but still use f12

*f9 is a toggle, freeze on, freeze off

I use 3.13 and it works great. You can fix all the problems with it by simply unplugging it in after starting the program. Upon reinserting it it works fine. I have mine inserted via a USB extension cable for easy unplugging.
The only problems i have are Lag and “No Data” message, both work fine after unplugging and reinserting.


Eventually the unplug, re-plug becomes annoying. 3.13 doesn’t give you anything over 2.12beta with a TIR1 so it no hassle going back.

Good luck with it though Richy.

Cheers Painter, I’d found those controls. Better move F12 to the joystick then - I haven’t actually changed any assignments yet.

The main problem I’m having is in deciding which sort of response curve to use. Is it best to have a sensitive setting, where a small head movement will have you looking over your shoulder, and get accustomed to keeping your head very still if you want to actually see anything? Or is it better to have a wider range of head movement, making things easier early on but resulting in more neck exercise in the long run? I’m finding that I’m often looking right over at the 5 and 7 o’clock positions but less easy to notice aircraft at 10 and 2 o’clock. And when the view is moving you can’t really see any aircraft…

D’oh! I’m an idiot - I should know this, this is what glider instructors taught me. I’m going to sit in the QMB or on WarClouds and re-establish the scan cycle: look ahead. Look 10 'oclock. Look 9’oclock. Look 7 o’clock. Look straight up. Look forward. Repeat down the right-hand side. Repeat. When turning, look in the direction of turn, then look forwards, start turn, and look across the wing into the turn every 45° or so.

Has anyone had success with the ‘wooden ball covered with reflective tape’ method of replacing TrackIR dots? The ball will give a constant reflection from any head angle - SimHQ mentioned this a couple of times.

Is it best to have a sensitive setting

Its personal preference. If you’re having to actually look behind you to do the same in game, its probably too far. :smiley:

I had the response curves set quite agressively, the more the view went to the extremities. (in a flat U shape) You get uses to the small neck movements. You might want to look at creating a near deadzone (low acceleration) in the middle. I found this helped with TIR1, though removed it completely when I upgraded because of the improvements in tracking.

Some users find it a help to turn off TIR when in pursuit of a bandit, others when strafing ground targets as this helps.

As a guide for setting up the acceleration, sit in front of your monitor where you normally do for flying, centre the TIR (using the re-centre button). Click the link button so you can edit the x and y axis seperately. Now turn your head to the leftto the most you want to move your head and make sure this gives you the maximum virtual movement, then do the same for the right. Repeat for the other axis and you have your maximums. The acceleration between these points should now be easier to set up.

I’ve never had a problem running 3.13 with my TIR2, is that a TIR1 issue only?

Ref: Lag when panning, it’s worth trying both smoothing modes (only changeable via the registry) as I detest the new version, makes me feel drunk…

I run a linear response on mine, zero deadzone, anything else and it makes me feel inebriated as it doesn’t correspond to my head movement in equal measure, it didn’t take too long to stop any head wobble either :slight_smile:

Start with moderate sensitivity, and increase it over time. I soon found my initial settings too slow, but they were easy to learn.

(Or follow Keet’s suggestion, that’s more methodical)

…Has anyone had success with the ‘wooden ball covered with reflective tape’ method of replacing TrackIR dots? The ball will give a constant reflection from any head angle - SimHQ mentioned this a couple of times.
Yes. I stuck a wooden bead to an old paint brush handle*, then velcro’d the handle to the peak of a base-ball cap (think of a Dalek :wink: )

btw - I stuck the dots over the bead, but reflective tape should be fine.

*A piece of dowel would do

I’ve never had a problem running 3.13 with my TIR2, is that a TIR1 issue only?

Yes it is only a TIR1 issue with the 3.13 drivers.

Here is some news on TIR4. The current 4.1.030 driver works fine on Vista 32bits. :slight_smile:

Thanks Hans!

4.1 version 28 here

Mayday Mayday :slight_smile:


Watch out Ming:
HL is not compatible…
No SST for X-52, only drivers (fly without buttons…)

HL is not compatible…

Ouch :slight_smile:

I’m installing dual boot to XP too Hans so I hope to run XP for flying <rosary beads>

And I never do anything before flying EAF meets. Monday may be tricky :slight_smile:


I have got everything IL2-related running in Vista now (except Saitek SST-program).
The key to get HL running is to turn off UAC.

Saitek is working on a new SST for Vista (used to program all the buttons). Program for the stick is ready for download.

I have a dual-boot setup right now, XP and IL2 on C-drive and Vista on D-drive. Works fine and is stable. :wink:

The key to get HL running is to turn off UAC.

Hmm I’ve got United, Arab- then I don’t know what the C is for. Wait yes I do it’s Old French (English humour)

Ah I see-

Thanks mate :slight_smile:

Dual boot same here, will run HL under XP for now

Very weird that 1946 runs from the XP partition under Vista, didn’t need to reinstall it on the Vista partition. Thank God not to meet Boonty again phew :slight_smile: