Drawing completed, 'Findly's Revenge'

After about 50hrs worth of work…
‘Findlay’s Revenge’

Very nice as usual! :slight_smile:

Congrats M8, you’re talented

Great Puff.

Very interesting too to watch it develop from start to finished product.

Truly beautiful!!

Great work again Puff. :slight_smile:

Good stuff Puff very nice!


Lovely, it’s in my ‘Puff’ folder now.

Great job, Puff! - :slight_smile:

Awesome, now where do I order a copy? :smiley:

That is one fine drawing you made there, awesome!

GREAT Work Bro!


nice work mate.

i love all your drawings

:eek: Wow Puff…you still got it!

Beautiful pencil work, worth the time for a fine piece like that:)

Simply superb! :smiley:


You got some extraordinary skills in this!:banana: