Dedicated Bomber Squadron Invite!

Dedicated Bomber Squadron is inviting pilots to join us in flying organised bomber formations.

We shall be flying Sunday 4th January
19:00 UK
14:00 US Eastern

Here are some screenshots of previous missions.

Some more screenshots can be found in this thread:

If you are interested please contact either Monguse, Thor or Letum at
or reply to this thread.

Im interested, i flew one of your early mass bomber missions and really enjoyed it and am interested in taking part again.

What Mod version are you flying at the moment?

Hi Meako, we ussually run on 4.08 mods on.But Thor and Letum will have more info.Thanks for showing interest:)

wow cool nice but i’ve to learn more with level bombing

[b]No you don’t mate, all that is done in these missions is to fly straight and level then release on command of the master bomber, works a treat.

Might be interested in fighter escort, presume it will be either a 47 or 51 (if any)

I won’t be there, working Sunday night unfortunatally[/b]

Id love to have a crack with a B17 but I only have stock 408 and IL2 War versions of the game.
I keep hearing about the unified mod switcher/installer thing but everytime I look it up on AAA forum there just seems to be a massed amount of mixed opinions about it…some good,some bad and some ugly.
If someone could link me to just the mods I need to fly this kinda mission then I will make a fresh copy of 408 and install them on it.
Rgds All

Cookie ~S~

I think the majority use the Unified installer, well thats what I use anyway.Saves having to download many different mods.I have had no trouble with it.

Grandslam if u use Brigstocks instructions and mod up as if you were participating in the Malta/Slovakia SE campaign you will have a compatible install for the BoB server and one you can easily use for switching mods.

Thanks Guys.
I will try it when on comms and hopefully get a talk-thru…its the "alter conf.ini/blah add line here n there stuff that I read about that puts me off…really frustrating as its not just the B17 flight that I want to try out but also the BoB 1940 Server.And i did look at the unified installer…but found that just as confusing :frowning:
Rgds and thanks again :slight_smile:
Cookie ~S~

Meako, please check your pms.