Corrupted mission or PC?

After what happened here: , I’m trying to find out what the hell happened to my system, which now crashes randomly but frequently since last night.

XP’s Blue Screen of Death titles “MEMORY MANAGEMENT”, and I’m currently waiting for an on-the-phone assistance from my PC guru, in order to find out the actual issue, as obviously no new software installation has been performed recently, nor any resident program was active during BoB flying.

Should anyone else have experienced a similar case with SEOW or ordinary online missions, I’d be glad to share info.

Update: could it be a harware failure?

I ran WinDiag, the MS RAM test on a floppy at bootup, and it reports a faulty 1G bank.

I’ll check it by disconnecting the suspect DIMM…

Yes, definetly rounds like a faulty RAM, or perhaps problems with the connection to it. As always when memory is suspect, test using Memtest86.