Coming server downtime

Well, not really a server downtime, but there will be a change of ISP’s this coming week, probably on tuesday, and with it comes a change of IP’s. Unfortunately it seems like I will not know what the new IP until after the change is done (probably on tuesday), and by then I will be 300 km away. :rolleyes:

I’m planning to be back in Umeå on friday and will sort it then (unless the girl moving in to my apartment later today can fix it, don’t count on it).

No EAF site form Tuesday on? That will hurt! I hope you will find the time between your travels and the girl (which I expect it is not your sister or so ;))to fix it before the next Monday:).

The ultimate flatmate - a girl who’s into IT and online gaming. Amongst other things!:smiley:


Can we use the old forum after Tuesday?

It still seems to be active.

Well, I got the new IP, and I have put it into the server, but the dns will not be changed until I have the correct new IP up and running.

The temporary IP will be, so write it down now and have it handy when you try to get in here tomorrow or tuesday, and it MIGHT work (no guarantees).

Old forum as backup, make sure you have that in your bookmarks as well!

Just my luck having this nice, good looking girl (though she’s not into online gaming, and not so much into IT, though she does some programming in Mathlab and some other programs) move in with me when I’m living 300 km away during the weeks, huh? :rolleyes:

Well, she could fix it! :anpeace:

Ended up on another IP then expected, but on the other hand this should be the correct one, just have to get the DNS changed so it points to the correct IP.

Still some work to be done on the server this weekend, but it’s a big relief to have it back up again. :slight_smile:

Nice one Mikke…

and well done on getting the server back again. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Mikke,

Give your good woman one from us :anim_sex:

Thanks Mikke

The DNS is repointed, but somehow the traffic gets hijacked to the ISP’s webserver, trying to solve that. Also seems like they missed repointing, but that’s fixable as soon as the other problems get fixed…

Thanks very much Mikke!


Thanks Mikke! & to girl as well!

brilliant !!! Thanks Mikke

THX for the hard work :wave:

Thanks Mikke!
Was becoming kinda worried :slight_smile:

Hmmm, are you getting in using the correct adresses ( or are you using the IP?

Myself I still get a error trying to use the correct one… :frowning:

Not so much hard work (yet), but I hope I can get the remaining problems fixed real soon…

Well, seems it’s only the dns’ I’m using that is not up to date yet, hopefully just a matter of time. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much Mikke… and the girl!:smiley:

I was soon getting desperate!:eek:

Mikke I’m here again with the original address!

Works for me as well now. :slight_smile: