Cliffs of Dover. Impressioni di un beta tester

E’ nel forum di 1C, ma per i pigri lo riporto qui.

For thoose who is eager for details, here is Youss’s (he is expirienced il2 pilot) first impressions from CoD:

Use google translator please, as my english is not good enough to give you good translation of his exciting impressions, but hopefully I can clarify some things if google translator would be hard to understand.

Some features:

  • “Press I button” doesnt start engine with “complex engine management on”. Rotation starts and then stops very soon
  • Bf-109 tends to roll during takeoff, no heavy yaw movements as in il2
  • There is no runway as in IL2, there is just flat field surronded by hangars and other buildings. You can takeoff in any direction.
  • lots of details on airfield makes it much easier to take of and landing as you feel speed better
  • he was amazed with low altitude flight. Its feel of speed is much improved compared to IL2. Main thing is there is no flat surfaces. Whole ground is non flat, and his first thought was “how can I do emergency landing here?” He wasnt able to find any flat and big enough area.
  • contacts visibility is very good if they are on same level as you. If you are above them you lost them immediately. Sea is very noisy because of waves and you cant see enemies. If contacts are above you they are blended with sky and its hard to find them again.
  • on a high G (he did vertical loop) heads tends to move down and sight (aiming device) goes up on your screen, you have to correct your view direction.
  • you need to turn on sight illumination, otherwise its hard to use it. Cabin lighting is amazing.
  • bots behaviour is very diffrerent from IL2. He knows Il2 bots very well , but he wasnt able to shot down any one. They lowered from 4 km to sea level and still no one was heavily damaged
  • he wasnt able to hit a spitfire with cannons, very very hard to aim. Guns fire slightly unsynchronously and BF-109 starts to yaw right and left. Hard to continue to fire for more than 2-4 rounds.
  • even slight roll without proper work with pedals make airplane to slide and its your tracers start to drift away from sight center.
  • smoke tracers are very very beautifull
  • sound is amazing, huge “BAANG” on every cannon shot
  • Airplane is very sluggish, stalls start immediately without any pre-stall shake
  • on low speed airplane doesnt react on you controll. It seems that stall fighting is not possible anymore
  • he wasnt able to hear spitfire on his 6. Once he saw a tracers he immediately did roll and jump into clouds
  • once he jumped into clouds all windows become misted. When he goes from cloud it was hard to tell where is sky and where is ground, he had to wait some time whiled windows became unmisted
  • he approached 2 spitfires on his way back. He missed in his first attack then he went up and after that he lost spitifires. He flew in that aread for a while but wasnt able to find them.
  • airfield visibility on a shore is very good: big field surrounded with buildings
  • use flaps you have to press “F” once and then hold it again until you satisfied with flaps angle
  • he pressed "G"once to extend landing gear, but as it appeared later he failed with that
  • there was no speed bar or other text on screen, neither for flaps nor for gears
  • he landed without gears. Propeller was damaged and airplane was covered with cloud of dust once he stopped to slide
  • after mission stats showed the Do-215 was shot down, 2 spitfires and one Bf-109. He had 3% fire accuracy for 1 spitfire and deliver 10% damage to him.
  • His Bf-109 had 15% damage. There are no details how much of that damage came from enemies and how much from his langing or other wrong actions
  • In “zoom view” you cant pan too much, just ± 20 degrees (maybe ± 30).

In definitiva: nei vari forum c’è chi si preoccupa e lamenta per la mancanza (nella versione iniziale) di una campagna dinamica e dei mutamenti meteorologici in tempo reale. Io personalmente penso che la preoccupazione principale sarà il dover reimparare a volare.
Saremo tutti di nuovo tacchini !!
Di conseguenza anche chi ha preso da poco le ali dovrà restituirle :roflmao:

Prepariamoci (mentalmente), perché a quanto pare sarà una rivoluzione!:eek:
Il racconto è impressionante… l’unica cosa che mi lascia perplesso è lo stallo senza “buffeting” di preavviso…:confused: Non so il 109 (provato da Youss), ma dai resoconti che ho letto lo Spitfire di certo “avvisava” il pilota prima di entrare in stallo… vedremo! :wink: