Clash of Titans - Online Dogfight War

Hello EAF Clay Pigeons!

The boys of II./JG1 have developed a dynamic online dogfight war around their excellent Dynamic Campaign Generator (DCG). As you know, the online wars have been traditionally flown as coop missions. My biggest peeve with the coop wars has been the long waiting in HL before mission start. As much fun the online wars are, I practically never fly them anymore due to the long waits. With the dogfight war this problem is eliminated, the mission can be joined at any time as long as it is running.

The campaign is apparently hosted on one dedicated server at specific times. They mentioned something like a few nights a week, a couple of missions each night. This helps squadrons to coordinate and show up at the right time. Between missions the frontline is automatically updated according to the results of the previous missions.

More info here:

Lentolaivue 34 has already signed up. Are you guys coming?


Hello EAF Clay Pigeons!

Hello girls! :slight_smile:


This war looks very interesting, I have already put my name forward for inclusion, i think we have quite a few people who wish to give this a try.

Look forward to being in your gunsight.

S! EAF19_Meako

Yep we’re all in Camo, sounds good!


I applied to II/JG1 a few days ago Camouflage on behalf of the EAF. At this time, we are still awaiting confirmation wether we have been accepted or not.


Great! Looking forward to raking your Spits with my 20mm shells.

I dont see EAF on the squad list yet. Have you filled the registering form?


:eek: I thought you were a friendly kind of chap.

Got a pm from Zornhammer saying he never received it :rolleyes: So I’ve sent it again.


Now I have recieved an answer, I’m forwarding it to you Splash.

I thought you were a friendly kind of chap.

Whatever gave you such an impression?!? :eek: :roflmao:

Thanks Mikke, replied and CC copy to you.

It came back, can you send me your email address please.

Ta very much


Mikke@ this site :wink:

S! EAF pilots!

I hope we will see more of you in CoT, since only Meako appeared on saturday test run. We need quality allied pilots and since Spit is your primary plane, I think we could have epic battles there! :slight_smile:

Robi i managed to make a big p47 sized hole at the end of our runway, hopefully next time i can contribute to the war effort.


LOL, this war feels like the real thing, with Dead-is-Dead rule.
You should have seen how beautiful it was seeing planes taxiing to runway, waiting for their time to take-off and REALLY flying like their life depended on it!! I only wish I had a track of it.

Level of realism I never experienced in any on-line war!

So, come on EAF, don’t force me to ask again! :slight_smile:

Dead-is-Dead rule

Sounds good Robi when’s the next meet I thought that one was for testing, couldn’t make it. When’s the real inaugural flight we’ll be there mate. We’ve been practising takeoffs if it’s DID I heard about the runway craters :slight_smile:


PS how long are you dead for - not the whole war surely :slight_smile:

PPS we have a Kuban43 map almost finished, by the Finnish chaps led by Superbus. I’ve flown the first Kuban map generated mission flying out of Novorossiysk to attack er, objects on the water :slight_smile: - we’re thinking that maybe we can do anti-shipping missions down in Kerch one day (meanwhile I am finding out how to add Normandy) - just need to find out how to add it to the Czech War/EIF maps, in negotiations right now.

PPPS eat this message everything is deniable and I’ll edit this bit out before you can say Jack Robinson it’s a holiday tomorrow :slight_smile:

Dead is Dead for the mission, which is between 1 and 1.5 hours long, we then get 20 mins to plan for the next mission. A Session will be 3 to 4 hours with 2 or 3 missions flown.

When you land and rearm you have to sit on the runway 5 minutes before taking off to simulate rearming and if you crash land or bail you have to wair 15 minutes to simulate the time it takes to get back to base.

Crater i see no crater, i was experimenting and found a new way to build a bunker without the digging. :slight_smile:

Only if you crash-land outside of AF.

Be sure to tell everyone to use that method! :cool:

Next sessions this friday AND saturday, starting at 18GMT / 19CET on both evenings.

I hope to see EAF in large numbers. I have plenty of Minengeschoß for each of you. :slight_smile:


I have plenty of Minengeschoß


We’ll have four pints of that and whiskey chasers :slight_smile: