Cheers pilots!

Hi everybody, this is Havebug from 22GCT. Thanks to EAF51_Luft
for the invitation, I’m honored to have landed at the EAF forum.

Thanks to my comrade in battle 22GCT_Ibanez, I had the chance to experiment how good the WWII DCS modules are compared to the evergreen IL2. So after spending some money to get Normandy map, P51 e P47, I’m getting addicted to this simulator.

So, in case you need some other pilot (I have some good experience behind me) feel free to pull me in.

My best,


Welcome Havebug! Sure we need more pilots! We are flying on Monday and Thursday if you want to join!

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Welcome Havebug!! See you in the DCS Skies. More pilots, more honor!

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Ciao Havebug!!!

Welcome in the 51 family, we are always happy with new pilots, doesn’t matter if experienced or not, as luft said, more pilots…more honour…and more dead in the battles :joy: see you soon!

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