Caption this photo

I was just out of earshot for this photo, so didn’t quite hear what was being said. However I’m guessing it was something to do with extremely tall women or when Keets was very short. Either way I can’t see how it has anything to do with telephoto lens envy :slight_smile:

BTW…Keets on the left, Insight on the right

Me I’m behind the camera doing my best to avoid having a photo taken. I reckon I’d rather someone point a gun at me that a fecking camera :slight_smile:

Raaaaaar Raaaaaar I’m a Tiger !

‘Anyway, then I said, any more than this is just a waste, then she hit me’


Arch your back and look back over your shoulder mean, like a dragon

“They found this midget sexual assaulting a very tall woman. The police want to know who put him up to it”


“oi, where did my stepladder go?”

"Anyway, I squeezed them and made a “honk” noise like an old car horn.

I doubt I’ll be allowed to meet the Queen again.

“The one on the leftside was a bit small, about this size …” :smiley:

“Come 'ere, let me turn your hat the right way round for you”


“I’ll distract her by doing this while you get the up-skirt shots with your mega zoom tool thingy.”


" You cannot believe it: they were fixed with a screw, as they can be removable. Amazing boobs!"

down came the rain, and washed poor spider out.


and this is how to get radio luxemburg

“You know they say more than a handful is a waste…”

or “HONK…HONK!!!” :slight_smile: