Can you feel the difference?

Or should I say, I feel the need…

…the need for SPEED! :smiley:

What, you’re saying, simple, major (well, considering the basic hardware) upgrade of the server, it’s now a Pentium III 700 (used to be a Celeron 300, then a Celeron 466), also a increase of RAM with 25%, now a whopping 640 Mb. :smiley:
Just hope it keeps running stable. I might have killed the network card though, had to put in another one as it didn’t want to work as it should after I cleaned up a little inside. :sucks: :embarasse

Thanks Mikke!

Too early to tell, small sample :slight_smile:


I actually can feel the difference, but that’s when I’m logged on to the server, not through browsing the pages.

yep, an improvement over here, thanks Mikke.

Thx alot Mikke…I think…wait …seems to be faster now…yes

Much much faster Mikke thanks!