Call of Juarez

Downloaded on Steam 20 dollars. Plus VAT would you believe sheesh

Took a little time to get the DX10 version working but this is one I will be replaying, it’s visually stunning and hugely atmospheric. In Oblivion you can sit around watching the sun go down, or was that Gothic3- but anyway in this one the Wild Western world is full of beautiful sights around the next bend

Not a free-roamer it’s very linear but that doesn’t spoil the enjoyment. It’s fairly easy to work out the puzzles “How can I get up to that ledge using only a whip?” and there are crates to stack :slight_smile: so it feels a bit Half Life but that’s not a bad thing

You’re very quickly caught up in the story, which actually feels like a Western adventure Georgie :slight_smile: and the telling of the story via narrators is very nicely handled and no need ever to ‘Hit the Escape key to skip this cutscene’

There’s bullet-time, handled slightly differently for this one and it’s a bit special but I won’t spoil that for you. I usually get a little bored with gunplay (Mass Effect etc, big weaponry) but in this one gunplay is one of the main attractions. No Wild West history unfortunately but the music is excellent and has a period feel about it

If you’re usually critical about the RPGs you play and you demand an intricate gameplay (carpet-bag with loads of items, levelling up) then it might be a little lightweight for you, but there are so many things going on that make me smile and the horse models are really very good. I haven’t ridden one yet where I am in the story but I’m confident that it will be fun compadre

Is the Lone Ranger out of copyright :slight_smile:

I’ve been running the CoJ benchmark for ages to quickly check that DX10 is ok so I was intrigued to know what the full game was like. Full marks for me for 20 dollars. 20 dollars-ish :slight_smile:


you bought an American game and paid in dollars :wink:

No Clint Eastwood though drat, or Morricone. The music guy says jokingly that he copied the soundtrack from something. It’s good whatever it is

Fallout 3 out soon after Far Cry:Africa. Hurry up Oleg we’re dying here. Mostly :slight_smile:


Think I gave that one a little bit of a go. I tried another Western like that one and one thing that I liked about it was you play as a Preacher exacting righteuos revenge! It was pretty neat reading the Bible to unnerve your opponent gunslinger then blowing him away with your revolver!:smiley:

I really liked this game, thought the voice acting and story line was great but game was linear. The fist fights were a great addition. :slight_smile:
Loved playing Reverend Ray, that dude kicks some righteous butt:)

Well I played it on the Xbox 360, and I was rather pensive when I realised there may be rattlesnakes in it, an animal I really do dislike.

The thought of a full 3d render one of those coming at me made me most fearful.

but as it turned out they looked like a turd and fell off the cliff after two whip strikes

then I got hit in the chest by an eagle and fell off the mountain !

Disappointed that I’ve finished the game. The desert heat-haze in DX10 mode is amazing and the lighting wow, DX9 rendering is as flat as a pancake by comparison

Very enjoyable and memorable adventure, good screenplay, perfect soundtrack, interesting puzzles, no bad-computer moments or bugs, good Western storyline. But with the snakes and the hero’s (perhaps) girl being vestigial, only 9.74 marks out of 10 with a full 0.2 marks deducted for the mechanised turds they were that bad

I enjoyed the climbing to retrieve the eagle’s feather from the high plateau but missed the alleged feather the first 50 times. Still not sure why people don’t like that scene. And there’s turds on the way up by way of compensation

Bring on Fallout 3 and the Killer Chemsans :slight_smile:


Well Im glad really

I don’t have the courage to take on a striking rattlesnake

but a turd I can manage